Mystery and Adventure in the Five Fingers of EndWorld

Formerly known as the BellRow Troubleshooters

This dark fantasy campaign follows the exploits of a small group of professional mercenaries now calling themselves the Dark Moon Guild. Despite their best efforts they’ve found growing a reputation in the seedy port of Five Fingers to be impossible without getting your soul a little muddy. Seasoned and wiser the almost year old mercenary company struggles to steer their own destiny on these shadowy isles worming into the elite and leveraging their worth to the various high captains. But at the end of the day it usually all comes down to dodging the law, criminal syndicates, and cultists in the pursuit of wealth, recognition, survival, and just maybe a little justice. Oh, and of course the fried pig skins.

The setting is based most heavily off of the brilliant Five Fingers from Privateer Press and uses that source book as a base. All of the geopolitical names and some of the nations roles have changed to fit the homebrew world setting of EndWorld. I am using this excellent world map created by Keith Robinson. I did not use any of the nation write-ups or anything else from that setting however. Our Five Fingers is located in the Kingdom of Orith following the river south to the coast from the Freecity of Hanai. It is unlabeled on the map and the location is difficult to find as it is near the border of two map sections. See The Iron Kingdoms of EndWorld for a description of the nations surrounding and influencing the city.

My other influences are too many to list but you’ll see pieces of Freeport, Steven King’s Dark Tower series, various real world cultures and religions, bits inspired by the Black Company Series by Glen Cook, and a dash of Cthulic horror. That’s just the setting. As a gaming group we alternate storytelling so only Thamar knows what else slithers its way into the dark corners of these Five Fingers.

Lastly, as loosely as I steal my ideas from various sources I’ve picked up art I’ve found posted on the internet. As I’ve been collecting and storing pieces for personal use in my games for about a decade I never before bothered to record who created these amazing pieces. If I used your art and you are bothered by this I sincerely apologize and will happily take it down or give you credit if you let me know. This site is strictly for non-comercial use and the art is just there to make the reading and viewing experience more enjoyable. I intend to eventually try to research and credit as much of the art I’ve used as possible. For now I can say thank you to the talented Brian Snoddy for all his amazing Iron Kingdoms work.

Please enjoy the campaign. It is semi-retired.

Dark Moon Rising

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