Dark Moon Rising

Drowned Children of the Hag

28th Session

Storyteller Carboncopy

The Dark Moon Guild accepts an invitation to an upscale dinner party where they are hired by the master and mistress of the estate to find their missing young twins. Strangely nearly everyone involved has no memory of the childrens’ existence. Apu gathers a couple pictures of the twins and Ceiran locates a concealed door in the childrens’ room that opens into a series of tunnels leading throughout the house and down to a small cove beneath the house. Sister Helga questions a fearful religious house guard found patrolling the tunnels and confirms that the house residents have been seeing strange spirits or meddling fey around the estate although he can’t offer many details.

Apu casts his spell and connects with one of the children at the moment of their death by drowning. Alarmed and saddened, the others decide they will track this body to attempt to save the other child. They stop at the Grand Stevedores Union, the center for mechanika work in the city and Ceiran’s guildhall. Ceiran convinces a fellow mechanik to pilot them to the south side of Hospice Island aboard his salvage boat.

Hours later, on board the small steamer, the Dark Moon Guild follows Apu’s trace to a horrific sight hidden just below the water’s surface. Several dozen decomposing corpses wave in the currents tethered to the bay’s muddy floor with chains and rocks. All are children. Fabrizio, with the strongest stomach, searches for any identifiers is shocked to find first one, then several of the bodies still alive but suspended with enchantments and everyone works quickly to get them to the surface. One of the living is the second missing twin. The slimy comatose bodies are quickly retrieved and hauled to the Church of the Mercy of Morrow on the nearby shore of Hospice. The head sisters Evelina and Resa greet Sister Helga and the gruesome sight with an impressive composure. After brief explanations the guild members collapse into an exhausted fitful sleep as the church’s four sisters tend to the enchanted sleeping children.

In the morning the DMG returns to the horrible site and follows a trail to a collapsing, ancient manor jutting over the southern coast of Hospice. Driven by anger and a grim determination to stop the creature responsible the DMG picks its way through the rooms of the decaying house until they find and confront the sea hag deep in the flooded basement. After a brief struggle Ano ends the beast’s horrible reign with a bullet through her head. There is no joy even in her death. With heavy steps and heavier hearts the guild abandons the manor.

The sisters of the Church of the Mercy of Morrow agree to revive the sleeping children and locate and return them to their parents. For the first time perhaps, the guildmembers are unconcerned about payment. It is not past noon but the call of strong drink calls with its promise of forgetting, at least until morning.



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