Dark Moon Rising

Interlude - Fall in Five Fingers

The Month of Kartesh

The end of summer brings two full weeks of heavy storms hammering down on Five Fingers. The crashing thunder is a near constant backdrop and a handful of buildings are destroyed in lightning strikes. When the rain pounds down in sheets it is difficult to walk or even see very far and all but the most stalwart gobbers are driven out of the rigs. The storms drive up church attendance as Thamarites seek appeasement and Morrowites salvation. Even a ridiculed street preacher of Helios attracts a small huddle with his ranting screams of judgment and the sun god’s wrath. But as the last rains move inland the Fingers still stand. Bruised and battered, but gleaming wet in the returning sun. The island cisterns are full and spirits are up. There is fresh water to go around and the city never smelled so good.

Governer’s Rest comes and goes less eventfully than last year. The following day ground is broken on the controversial huge new lighthouse on one of the Porpoise Isles. Critics of the project mockingly call it Doyle’s Folly and complain of the new construction taxes being levied. The Governor promises the arcane lighthouse will mark a new era in legitimizing Five Fingers trade by cutting down on smuggling as well as marking the port as a modern city.

In other news the Watch on Captain’s Island has posted a bounty of 1 royal a head for dregs in hopes of rooting out the last of the vicious monsters.

Players: check your OP mail. I’ve sent you each at least one rumor or bit of news your character learned that isn’t common to everyone.



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