Dark Moon Rising

Stubborn Urgolians

29th Session

Storyteller Carboncopy

Brief summary awaiting longer entry…

Natalia is captured again. The bounty hunter team that had been tracking her gives the DMG her location and captor’s identity. It is Aman Nitzer, the sadistic Urgolian kommisar who previously took her. The bounty hunters want to help retrieve her but Toad doesn’t trust them and gives them a false meet up time.

Fabrizio takes Alice to recon the Urgolians’ hideout and finds Natalia and a few steamjacks as well as several large crates awaiting shipment out. Just after dusk the DMG strikes and finds the meddlesome bounty hunters doing similar. With magic and steel they eliminate the Nitzer and are attacked by his near invulnerable industrial steamjack. The Kommisar’s two companions are not present at the hideout. Apu shuts the jack off with a spell that extinguishes it’s furnace. In an unusual act of savagery the DMG takes off the head of Kommisar Amman Nitzer, just to be on the safe side.

The crates are full of semi-assembled warjacks. Nearly a dozen total. A map marks two other warehouses with presumably similar contents. This is obviously the threat the Urgolian secret service officer warned the guild about a few days ago. There is minimal debate before the group decides this information needs to be turned over to the crown’s agent Catwalker rather than the city watch or any of the High Captains. Selling this information to the wrong person would likely be considered treason.

Aftermath: By morning of the day following the guild’s report to Catwalker a heavy procession of Five Finger marines has occupied and emptied the warehouses of the illegal Urgolian crates.

An envelope sealed with King Baird’s royal stamp arrives by rigrunner that afternoon. The note states that a finder’s fee of three thousand Royals in gold brick has been deposited in the guild’s name at the Vault deLion in the Emerald District. The note ends thanking them for thier service and is signed C.



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