Dark Moon Rising

Tying Up Loose Ends

26th Session

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Toad calls a slabber and the unfortunate corpse is hauled to the island morgue. When the Five Finger’s Watch comes by a couple hours later to get a report Apu and Sister Helga send them away satisfied it was a random mugging left on the Dark Moon Guild doorstep. There is a brief consideration of having Kieran clean up and edit the copy of Hurley’s warjack plans that Sister Helga and Toad made and have hidden in the floorboards. The idea is floated that they could be sold to a couple of the factions to get the heat off and make a lot of money. The idea is shelved until at last after talking with Catwalker that night.

Sister Helga begins the healing and regeneration of the street urchin’s leg swearing him to service and constant prayers to her god Morrow. Toad asks Ano to look into who this Sparrow is and who she works for but urges him to be very, very careful. The rest of the day passes quickly with the guild members all busy. When night arrives Sister Helga and Toad leave to pay a visit to Catwalker at the Quenched Whistle. They aim to put some pressure on him to get word out that he, not anyone else, and specifically not the former BellRow Troubleshooters, has Hurley’s damned warjack plans. En route they are followed by a pair of thugs. When Toad and Helga surprise and confront them the two turn into five, all of them well armed. Their leader, a short, potbellied man hands Sister Helga a sack of fifty royals and offers his apology for the over-enthusiasm of his colleagues the previous day on the bridge. The tall skinny one in the group begins casting a spell but at a bark from Toad and a wave from his leader he cuts it short.

The meeting with Catwalker provides nothing to ease the DMG’s concerns. He reminds them of the substantial payment for the job and tells them the heat they are feeling is part of the deal. He assures them that Hurley, as well as anyone else relevant knows his people have the papers and Catwalker expects a deal to likely be made within a week. He suggests the pressure the guild is feeling is coming from those, possibly High Captain Hurley included, who suspect the guild still has access to the stolen plans. In any case he says, if they survive the next week or two to spend their money won’t it have been worth it? Toad and Sister Helga exchange defeated glances and thank the man for his time. Toad suggests Catwalker make that deal soon in case some other party does have access to the plans and does just what Hurley and the others are hoping for. Catwalker’s eyes seem to glint and Toad thinks the man caught the veiled threat.

For the next couple weeks the DMG keeps mostly to the guildhouse begging off any jobs excepting from important clients. The heat does seem to blow over. At least for most of the guild…


Well done. And I’m glad you caught that glint in Catwalker’s eyes. That’s precisely what I was going for- that and I decided against saying what I was going to say.

Tying Up Loose Ends

oh, and it was me who storytold that session- if I’m reading this correctly.

Tying Up Loose Ends

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