Tall for a gobber Grig is often hunched over and stays out of the way. Like all gobbers his rubbery skin changes hues subtly to mimic with his surroundings although it is most often a muddy yellow. Grig is only ever barely dressed in a large dirty rag big enough to stash small valuables in. He always carries a sharp knife and a small filthy leather pouch fastened tightly to his side.

Grig frequently mutters to himself. These whispers occassionally become urgent and even heated.


Grig was recruited into the BellRow Troubleshooters by Ano. Known as a recluse he was nonetheless afforded some respect in the rigs for his uncanny sneakiness. He has put these skills to good use in the BRT but they have been working with him less of late as his comings and goings to the guildhouse have become sporadic and unpredictable.

Grig was a PC of a player who dropped out of the game.


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