Bargol Gargulesh


Bargol Gargulesh or “Grinder” as he is affectionately called, is a massive trollkin with an equally massive maul. Sescha keeps his impatience in check somehow, in part because he knows he’ll always get a chance to battle some softies. He’d really love a chance to battle a big opponent. In the last job he somehow ended up on a pleasant walk with Apu from the Bellrow Troubleshooters and gained some healthy respect for healers and wizards who care for their team. He means to talk to Sescha about it soon, but somehow he doesn’t think she’ll want to hear about the Troubleshooters. It really was a good scuffle. Maybe when things go sour here in the Pistoleres he’ll seek work with those other guys.

Member of the Pistoleres Sangre mercenaries
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