Kervain Jackery


This well dressed man’s dark skin marks him as a Drus. He carries a long knife which he often uses to clean his nails when speaking during business dealings. He speaks in a harsh whisper but has a commanding presence.


Jackery is a powerful member of the Order of the Rat. He is the second to Dainty Don, the Low Captain serving High Captain Killbride.

Jackery pressued the BRT into taking a dangerous unpaid job to atone for a past conflict with the Driftwolves, one of Killbride’s minor gangs. The group pulled off the job (see Boom box) without a hitch. Three days later a charter was delivered to the guild with the city’s seal legitamizing the BellRow Troubleshooters as an official mercenary guild in Five Fingers and giving them legal right to operate. Attached was a note signed ‘KJ’.

Kervain Jackery

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