Madame Klivson


A portly woman of 42 who stands at 5’ 6”. Some of earlier beauty remains, especially in her eyes which still retain their sparkle. She dresses in court finery, fancying herself a royal widow. Her cheeks are expertly blushed and she practices a mysterious smile.


She owns a gambling hall, a shipping and moving company, a scout company, a mask carving company, and a clothier’s. She’s fought for these tooth and nail since her husband died. The owners and caretakers of these establishments are old friends who remain loyal to her at some cost. A few years ago there was even some conversation that she might be the city’s first female High Captain, but those rumors sat and died a rotting death- much like the late High Captain Klivson. This truth isn’t lost on Madame Klivson either, and constantly grates on her.

She distracts herself with extravagant parties for her friends in the high society. There the rich and the powerful can gather anonymously, under mask and costume, to satisfy their pleasures. Generally, these parties happen once a month on the night of the full moon. It is said that people lose themselves to their desires all the more on such nights when the pull of the moon stretches their minds.

Madame Klivson

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