Natalia Kalishnikov


Height: 5’ 3”
Hair: Black, wavey, Long
Gender: Female
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Age: 27
Size: +0
Skin: Pale
Birthday: January 12
TL: 4
Hand: Right

Strength (ST): 10
Dexterity (DX): 12
Intelligence (IQ): 12
Health (HT): 12
Will: 12
Fright Check: 12
Basic Speed: 6
Basic Move: 6
Perception: 12
Vision: 14
Hearing: 14
Taste & Smell: 12
Touch: 12
thr: 1d-2, sw: 1d

Encumbrance, Move & Dodge
Level Max Load Move Dodge
None (0) 20 lbs 6 9
• Light (1) 40 lbs 4 8
Medium (2) 60 lbs 3 7
Heavy (3) 120 lbs 2 6
X-Heavy (4) 200 lbs 1 5

Hit Location
Roll Where – DR
- Eye -9 0
3-4 Skull -7 3
5 Face -5 0
6-7 R. Leg -2 1
8 R. Arm -2 4
9-10 Torso 0 4
11 Groin -3 1
12 L. Arm -2 4
13-14 L. Leg -2 1
15 Hand -4 0
16 Foot -4 0
17-18 Neck -5 0
- Vitals -3 4

Fatigue/Hit Points
Current FP:
Basic FP: 12
Tired: 3
Collapse: 0
Unconscious: -12
Current HP:
Basic HP: 10
Reeling: 3
Collapse: 0
Check #1: -10
Check #2: -20
Check #3: -30
Check #4: -40
Dead: -50

Advantages & Disadvantages
Acute Hearing 2 (4 pts)
Acute Vision 2 (4 pts)
Danger Sense (15 pts)
Code of Honor (Soldier’s) (-10 pts)
Callous (-5 pts)
Enemies (-10 pts)
After being hunted for 6.5 years, officials of Urgolia have made it not a priority to track or capture Natalia. They nolonger send actual Urgoli officials. All they do now is distribute “Wanted” posters with a paltry sum as a reward.
Bathes infrequently. (-1 pts)
Does not consume alcohol. (-1 pts)
Prefers the company of women. (-1 pts)
Regularly reminds companions in a monotone voice: “I am not a thief” (-1 pts)
Has a thick “Urgolian” accent. (-1 pts)

Skills SL RSL
Weapons & Combat
Guns/TL3/4 (Rifle) 14 DX+2 (4 pts)
Fast Draw (Rifle) 12 DX+0 (1 pts)
Guns/TL3 (Pistol) 12 DX+0 (1 pts)
Fast Draw (Pistol) 12 DX+0 (1 pts)
Melee Weapon (Knife) 13 DX+1 (2 pts)
Fast Draw (Knife) 12 DX+0 (1 pts)
Blind Fighting 10 Per-2 (2 pts)
Brawling 12 DX+0 (1 pts)
Non-combat & Survival
Camouflage 12 IQ+0 (1 pts)
First Aid 12 IQ+0 (1 pts)
Observation 12 Per+0 (2 pts)
Stealth 12 DX+0 (2 pts)
Shadowing 11 DX-1 (1 pts)
Escape 11 DX-1 (1 pts)
Tracking 12 Per+0 (2 pts)
Blacksmith/TL4 11 IQ-1 (1 pts)
Modifier: -1 for every point of ST below 13
Armoury/TL4 (Rifles & Handguns) 11 IQ-1 (1 pts)
Modifiers: -4 if the weapon is unfamilier, -4 to try to repair without proper tools
Jeweler/TL4 10 IQ-2 (1 pts)

Melee Weapons Usage Lvl Parry Block Damage Reach ST
Knife (large hunting) cut 0 1d-2 c, 1 -
Knife (large hunting) thrust 0 1d-2 c
Natural Kick 10 No 1d-2 cr C,1
Natural Kick w/Boots 10 No 1d-1 cr C,1
Natural Punch 12 9 1d-3 cr C

Ranged Weapons Usage Lvl Acc Damage Range RoF Shots Bulk Rcl ST
Devastator (Pistol) Pistol 0 1 2d pi+ 80/600 1 1 -3 2 10
Reload: 10
Handgonne (Rifle) Rifle 0 0 2d pi+ 100/600 1 1 -6 4 10%
Reload: 20

Equipment (31 lbs; $1,840) √ # $ Lb ∑ $ ∑ Lb Ref
Melee Weapons E 1 0 0 lbs 40 1 lb
Knife (large hunting) E 1 40 1 lb 40 1 lb
Ranged Weapons E 1 0 0 lbs 1,800 17 lbs
Devastator (Pistol) E 1 1,200 4 lbs 1,200 4 lbs
Handgonne (Rifle) E 1 600 13 lbs 600 13 lbs
Clothing & Armor E 1 0 0 lbs 0 13 lbs
Leather Overcoat E 1 0 10 lbs 0 10 lbs
Winter Clothing E 1 0 3 lbs 0 3 lbs


Birth and the Early Years

It was an unusually bitter January night along the outskirts of Saint Augustina, a tiny village in Urgekistan. At almost 2:30 AM, the frail six pound and three ounce Natalia Kalishnikov was born nearly three weeks early into this world. She was the first child to Daniel and Kira Kalishnikov.

Her father Daniel was the oldest of two sons born to Nikolis Kalishnikov, a renowned master gunsmith. Daniel was a pacifist by nature and refused to learn the gunsmith trade from his father, choosing instead to build a small wheat farm and bake bread. He still hunted game, but would never willingly condone taking the life of another sentient being. Daniel’s brother Alexiev however saw the value of the gunsmith craft and took over the family business when Grandpa Nikolis grew too old to run it.

Some said the weather of the night Natalia was born should have been an omen as to how her disposition would be in life. Most were pleasantly surprised, her own parent delightedly so, to discover that she would grow into a joyful two year old girl.

Natalia’s grandmother had passed away some summers before she was born. As such, the only living relatives she had were her grandfather, mother, father, uncle and aunt Susana. Since her Uncle and Aunt were unable to have children of their own, she was doted on by every member of the family. Until her brother Alexander was born the spring after Natalia turned three, she was the only grandchild in the family. Then tragedy struck.

That spring, an epidemic swept through Urgekistan, striking down countless children and those too weak to fight it. Within a single week, Natalia’s grandfather and brother were taken by the sickness. Worst of all, Natalia’s mother Mari had died while caring for her brother Alexander.

Natalia’s brightness of life had dulled that spring and summer. She missed her Mother and Grandfather terribly, repeatedly asking her father when they would come home again.

The next few years were relatively uneventful. Urgolia was annexing neighboring smaller countries between it and Urgekistan, expanding its borders for mineral and magical wealth. Eventually, these activities brought Urgolia to Urgekistan’s borders. Natalia was nearly seven years old when the came. And she would remember the day Colonel Igrekski came with his men for the rest of her life.

The villagers were rounded up and brought to the town square at dawn. In the middle of the town square used to rest a great bronze statue, both honoring the deeds of forgotten war heroes and showcasing the mineral wealth of Urgekistan. It now lay in pieces, torn from it’s mountings. Colenol Igrekski spoke of “nationalism” and bringing together the “sister nations of Urgolia”. He then spoke of the people rising together to fight a common enemy. He then told the gathered villagers they would submit or be crushed utterly.

“You. You, you, you and you.” Natalia heard the bitter voice of a cold, angry looking Junior Officer. He was pointing to people from the village, telling them to move forward. Ten villagers in all were selected, Natalia’s aunt and father among them. They were taken before the base of the old statue and shot dead.

Another piece of life died in little Natalia that day with the death of her father. And the Colenol took 23 young men & women away that day as conscripts for the “Urgolian Expeditionary Liberation Army” to “liberate neighboring lands for the betterment of all Urgolians, present and future.” Natalia would never forget his face, and the face of the Junior Officer who had her father killed.

Uncle Alexiev took little Natalia into his home and cared for her as his own daighter. It’s what his brother and wife would have wanted, and the only right thing he could do now. Since he was a master gunsmith, he made specialized firearms for Urgolia officers – or he himself would die. He bought his life, and the life of Natalia with his skills.

As Natalia grew older, her uncle taught her the skills necessary to master the art of gunsmithing. He also taught her other useful skills, such as the ability to use the very weapons she crafted. She became a notable marksmen and a skilled tracker, able to track and hunt game on her own at the young age of fifteen. Then, when she was sixteen, the Junior Officer came again. Only this time, he was a Colonel himself.

Colonel Demeiter made almost the same speech as the last Colonel made. Only this time it was not the country of, but the state of Urgekistan. They were not doing their duty, he said. Urgekistan needed to supply MORE soldiers and MORE minerals for the fight. The people would submit, or die. No-one was shot this time, but dozens of young men & women were taken, including Natalia. Nobody resisted, they knew what the consequences would be.

A Bitter Winter – In the Army Now

The journey was long and hard to the training facility. Once there, the youths collected from Urgekistan were combined with those from other such conquered provinces, mostly those from the far, far northeast like Urgekistan. The over-all commanding officer would be Colonel Demeiter, and he would rule ruthlessly.

For a time, Natalia refused to talk to anyone. She did not want to let herself grow attached to anyone, for fear of them being taken away from her. Many were taken away, some rumored to have certain special “talents” that could be harnessed. In time Natalia did make a few friends among the initiates and conscripts, one being her immediate commanding officer – also a conscript from Urgekistan when it was first conquered.

The induction and training into the Urgolian Expeditionary Liberation Army involved weeks of intensive physical training and endless propaganda speeches by the staff Commissars – conditioning through fear and brainwashing. Fellow conscripts would be placed in solitary confinement for insubordination, or any number of other petty reasons, on a regular basis for up to a week at a time. After an arbitrary number of such “treatments”, they would often be executed publicly as an example.

After more than three months, the new recruits were finally issued actual weapons to train with. They were substandard at best and non-functional at worst. Some of the firearms issued were outright dangerous to even operate. More than one Widowmaker in training was killed by an exploding rifle. Natalia was able to avoid the more dangerous weapons by being allowed to choose her own rifle by her immediate commanding officer.

It was fall when Natashia and three others decided to flee the training center. Each of them had a grudge against one officer or another, but it was Natashia who was out for blood. On top of the fact that he was personally responsible for the death of her father and aunt, Colonel Demeiter had issued orders for her to be placed in “the box” for “personality adjustment” three times during the initial training period. She would see him dead, or die trying.

The escape attempt failed before it even started. Natalia and one other initiate were dragged away for “personality retraining”. The other two initiates were executed, one shot in the back as he tried to run away from the arresting Commissar.

Tour of Duty

It was in a little village just beyond the southeast border of Urgolia where Natalia finally braved the idea to once again try and escape Urgolian service. It was during a minor engagement between Urgolian Expeditionary Liberation Army troops and simple town’s folk. These simple people had no hope of winning against Warjacks and Magic, let alone the concentrated firepower of well armed soldiers. Colonel Demeiter wanted the entire population wiped out, and Natalia was sickened by the thought of killing children.

After nearly four years of service, Natalia was a bitter and hardened woman now. She was a hollow shadow of the once bright and happy child. Nobody could give that life back to her now, and she would not take that same life away from the innocents she was now ordered to extinguish – a farmhouse filled with the town’s children and the two old women protecting them.

The three comrades under her command knew instinctively what she thinking. Inductees themselves from conquered nations, they had the same disgust with what they were being ordered to do. Without a second thought they helped Natalia escort the women and children from the barn, just before it was destroyed. They were hidden in the nearby woods as the small town was scoured for survivors. Once Colonel Demeiter realized Natalia and her squad was missing, the search was doubled and they knew they had to leave.

It had been two days of travel with eight frightened children and two elderly women in tow. In that time Natalia had had almost no sleep. There had been several running gunfights that equaled the loss of two of her squad and the killing of seventeen former comrades. Gyri, another younger initiate from Urgekistan, was the only person left that she could come close to calling friend. They were now huddled into a tiny woodsman’s shack in the middle of a forest they did not know, with no food, in the dead of winter. They were confident that they had shaken the pursuing soldiers by at least a day. They needed food, so Natalia set out to find some small game.

It was near dawn when Natalia came back from her patrol of the area. She found the shack still smoldering from the fire. The Urgiolian soldiers had set the shack ablaze with everyone still in it. There were two soldiers that she could see. One was poking at the ashes while the other surveyed the area. She killed them both.

The years in hiding to the present

Natalia spent the next six years moving constantly from place to place, camping along the fringes of developed areas. This helped keep her out of sight most of the time. She did her best to avoid cities, large towns and anything where she thought large numbers of Urgolian authorities might be present.

She would very rarely visit a town, but did so out of necessity when something needed to be replaced. If she could not afford something, she would trade her skills to pay for it. Usually she would have very few problems with such arrangements. However, every now & then, someone would try to turn her into local Urgolian authotities. It usually ended messy.

She didn’t like killing sentient creatures. It was only when a bounty hunter, mercenary or Urgolian Army officers tried to actually catch her that became a necessity. Only when her life was directly threatened was she actually willing to take another’s life.

Over time, Natalia made her way to where she was now. Outside Urgolian occupied or controlled territory. Maybe she will be left alone to enjoy living her own life…

Natalia Kalishnikov

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