Noatam has a weakness for dressing to his role as a necromancer. He always wears black robes and is fond of simple bone rings. He is wary and suspicious when first met.
Noatam nearly always travels with his companion and guard, a zombified shaggy dog.


Despite Noatam’s caricature appearance he works hard to represent himself as a professional businessman. He prides himself on dealing straightforward and is eager to point out that his business is no more shady or unethical than anything else that goes on in Five Fingers. Noatam specializes in creating zombies but also takes work summoning spirits.
Noatam only travels at night and almost always with his shaggy zombie dog. He usually insists on doing business on Hospice Island for this reason.

He summoned the spirt of Laura Soles for the BRT to question (see Murder on the Roe, laura speaks, boom box)


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