A fiesty satyr with a thirst for adventure.



ST 13 | HP 14 | DX 13 | Will 13 | IQ 11 | Per 11 | HT 11 | FP 11

A beautiful 59 year old (that’s mid 20’s in human years), 5’8’’ satyr. Opifera is fascinated by other races and creatures (a xenophile). She also has a strong like for snakes. She likes being near others, and is especially chummy at bars where she feeds her alcoholic addiction. Unfortunate for her companions, she has the tendency to become annoying when drunk and will go on for hours about how she’ll run her own pirate ship one day. She sticks to the pirate’s code of honor. Because being a satyr gives her the benefit of luck, which gives her an additional defensive roll once per hour, she has the tendency to be overconfident.



It was seven years ago a man walked into our village, in the far reaching Arianna Mountains. His hair was swept with the grey of our stone, his eyes boundless like the skies. We called him The Man of All Shores, for his name he never shared with us. To us he was a traveler and a storyteller, but humans knew him by his true profession: a pirate. The Man of All Shores, for all his stories of raiding ships & killing other men, was an honorable man. I remember him sharing the pirate’s code: “Always avenge an insult, regardless of the danger; your buddy’s foe is your own; never attack a fellow crewman or buddy except in a fair, open duel. Anything else goes.” After a sharing a tale of his crew facing a band of notorious brigands, I chased him down in the shadows. “How can I become a pirate?” He laughed. “So you want to be a pirate, eh? Well, first you’ve got to find yourself a ship. I doubt you’ll find one here in the mountains.” He looked me over. “There’s a city far south of here known as Five Fingers. Now, the idea is not to go down there shoutin’ to the rooftops that you want to be a pirate. Piratin’ is illegal, but you get yourself into privateer or mercenary group, they’ll be askin’ after you. Try not to get too involved with the high captains. Hmm…” he thought for a few moments. “There’s a friend of mine by the name of P. Rainier Sylvkin who runs a fishing company out of Captain’s Isle. Tell him Lupar sent you. Also, if you’re looking for mercenary work, I’d check into some of the local taverns, especially the popular ones. Mi’lady.” With a bow and a turn he left me. That night, I packed up my things, stole my father’s aging scimitar, his drinking money, and was sure to bring the amber amulet my mother had given to me that had a tiny snake caught within it. I wrapped my horns up in a scarf and covered my legs as best I could down to the hooves. I wasn’t sure how the world would react to a satyr, I had never ventured out of the mountains. “Lupar?” I whispered. His camp was empty. But I found a simple map there that led me out of the village all the way to Five Fingers.

A year later, I was promoted from dockworker to ship hand on one of Rainer’s many fishing boats in Five Fingers. Tavern life is exciting. I’ve picked up a bit of Fingers’ jargon and I’ve enjoyed interacting with the many other races prevalent here. I find the gobbers especially fascinating. They fly across the city with grace and can be such cunning little devils. I have yet to find any mercenary groups I’d like to get involved with. There’s one gobber in particular that I’ve been speaking to by the name of Ano who has been looking into starting his own mercenary company. We’ve met a few times at one of the local taverns, The Lady of Ample Luck. He may just be the gobber I’ve been looking for.

Opifera’s Log

Week 1

So, after working the docks, I did meet up with Ano. We joined up with a fellow sailor, Haugin, and Ano’s friend Grig to form the Bell Row Troubleshooters. Within a few days we we’re hired for a couple of jobs. One didn’t turn out quite as well as we had hoped. Though I was left on shore while the others stormed the boat and I gave the boys aboard a taste of my steel(one I’m sure will remember it), the woman we were supposed to rescue was shot through the head. We delivered her to our employer as we had promised. Not quite the “troubleshooting” as I had hoped.

Week 2

Apu, a curious one he is. I’m not sure what to make of him. We often have differing opinions, but he’s useful when we need healing.

We got roped into a few gang fights, but the next job we were hired for was quite the mystery, seeping with murder and other seedy acts I’ll refrain from getting into. Then along came the blood-thirsting Fabrizio. He’s infuriating, but great at swordplay. I certainly don’t trust him, but we need more strength in this group.

Week 4

I can’t help but call them “my boys” now. Often I end up being the spokesperson, and I’m growing a soft spot for them. I enjoy drinks with Haugin at the Swiveling Pig and the moments I’ve had with Ano, though he’s made himself scarce recently. Grig is mysterious and curious little fella. Quiet. Despite our differences, Apu is growing on me. I still have yet to get to know Fabrizio, but we’re going to have a rematch! Now this new guy, Toad, has joined us. I have yet to see what he can do, but it seems he’ll be useful.


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