Pauline Greyvine

Morrowian Inquisitor


The alchemical recipe retrieved by the BRT from the Wollingwort House has been successful restored Greyvine’s mind but left her body in its ravaged mutated state. After nearly a year absence the Inspector has returned to working with the Church’s Inquisition in Five Fingers although she remains in relative seclusion.


For the past decade Pauline Greyvine has been investigating and thwarting cults within the Five Fingers. One year ago she disappeared shortly after a meeting with the BRT and was later found by them mutated into a dreg, a hideous pain seeking decaying beast-thing. The considerable resources of the church supplimented by the Apu and other mages from the OGC were unable to find a cure for her condition and the devolution could only be halted in suspended animation.

Pursuing a lead originated by the church the BRT was able to track down a missing doctor and expert alchemist who created a formula that cleared Greyvine’s mind and memories.

Pauline Greyvine

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