Doc Sadie

doctor to gangs and thugs


A short, man in his forties with a crown of matted brown hair surrounding his bald head. Sadie has a scar running along his right cheek. He is usually sweaty and smells of fish. He hints at a many underworld connections. The Doc loves women and they are his favorite subject. He feels no shame in paying for, or bartering for services with them. He speech is always littered with sexually suggestive profanity.


Sadie functions as a doctor for common thugs and gang members. He sees anyone that can pay his reasonable fees and doesn’t ask questions. He has been adequately trained and is well versed in medicinals.
The Doc makes his home and workshop in a spacious three room flat above a fishpacking warehouse on Cod Row on Dicers. The largest room contains both a crude operating table and a small lab with various concotions in progress. His entire flat is filled with lewd carvings and paintings. He considers these his ‘fine art’ and is quite proud of them.

Doc Sadie

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