Selric Ankoran

bounty hunter


Underneath a wide brim hat the broad built trollkin has steely eyes and a hard jaw. Across his back is strapped a two-handed sword, well sharpened and shined.


Selric is a badass bounty hunter who does the dirty work for various upstanding organizations in Five Fingers. He captures criminals, scouts dangerous terrain nearby, investigates dangerous persona. That sort of thing. He prefers his own company, clear conversation, and simple pleasures. Perhaps his most notable characteristic is his sense of honor, despite the city’s lack of it. He really wants to get the more dangerous elements out of Five Fingers, but realizes his hands are tied on many accounts. So he goes about his business catching criminals. He likes the BRT for the way they make him, like something fresh is happening in Five Fingers. One more thing is worth mentioning: he’s a particularly sharp trollkin. He does his work slowly, but he does it thoroughly- researching, asking around, searching premises, etc. That’s why they pay him the big bucks. He makes sure he makes a modest income, but he never really pushes for the best dollar he can. He’d rather make allies and get to work.

In the recent deal he made with the BRT to invade the cultists’ lair he is taking an even cut.

Selric Ankoran

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