Street thug


Dressed in dusty and faded brown leathers Serdan is unremarkable in appearance.


Serdan is a streetwise thug for hire. He is smart, determined and can be ingratiating. He is morally bankrupt and an admitted Thamarite. Serdan knows many of the back roads, nasty folks, and seedy establishments of Hospice and Captain’s Isle.

The BRT encountered Serdan when he was stealing the corpse of Laura Sole with his partner Jebbi. The quicker talker of the two, Serdan was dragged along with the group for questioning. Despite being bullied and harrassed he did get the BRT to deliver Laura’s corpse to the Gurmju eventually and he slipped away from the group after they brought him back to the guildhouse to keep an eye on him.

Serdan is a great way to get in touch with thamarites… because he is one. Dealing with him is occasionally necessary to arrange things that aren’t doable via ‘polite’ means, such as hiring a necromancer to cast Summon Spirit as part of a murder investigation. The prudent will keep their dealings with him to a minimum.


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