Hard-bitten, ugly, and honorable


A large, stocky Ord with an uneven face Toad’s most striking feature is the horrible scabby warts spread liberally across his grey skin. At any one time a half-dozen are split open leaving speckles of blood on his clothes, more when he exerts himself. Dressed in worn leathers he is never without his glaive, a stunted version of the military polearm. The weapon looks old and well used but the edge gleams sharp.

BellRow Troubleshooters

Toad was referred to the BellRow Troubleshooters by an agent named Graham who specializes in matching jobs to employers. He accompanied the group on a job stealing a trinket from an old rusted gibbet where he proved plenty capable fending off a competing merc company. Toad was quickly wrapped up in the twisted fate of the BRT when their payment fell through and immediately led to another job.


While on a job he is focused, determined, and professional. When not working Toad feels uncomfortable and awkward. Without the excuse of work he finds social interactions uncomfortable and tends to avoid them. This is most true with strangers. He hangs out at the office in the mornings hoping for a job and if nothing appears by noon he wanders the streets, preferring the poorer neighborhoods where no one cares so much who you are or what you look like. His snarl is usually enough to put off anyone looking for an easy mark.


Current spent points: 133
Unspent points: 3

ST 14 | DX 12 | IQ 11 | HT 11
Hp 12 | Per 9 | Wil 11 | Fp 10

Basic Speed 5.25 / Move 5 / Dodge 8
Encumbrance: None 39 / Light 78 / Med 117 / Hvy 234 / Ex-Hvy 390

Languages: Ordic spoken. Ordic written (acc only)
  • Cultural Familiarity: Iron Kingdoms

Advantages: Weapon Master – Dueling Glaive, High Pain Threshold, Fit, Absolute Direction
Disadvantages: Appearance – Hideous (blood speckled scaly warts over most of his skin), Code of Honor – Xia (Maintain skill at arms, keep your word, honor pledges, be humble, uphold justice for those in need, be brave, not spare self harm to help others, use restraint when force isn’t needed, respect and honor your teacher)
Quirks: Overweight (stocky), Shy, Adherent to Ascendents faith, Sharpens blades every night when possible, Emotionally sensitive to others’ problems but prefers to think of himself as detached


Polearm 15, Brawling 12, Staff 11, Spear 11, Axe/Mace 11, Throwing Art 10
Acrobatics 13, Blind Fighting 6, Camouflage 11, Climbing 11, Jumping 12, Stealth 11, Swimming 11, Meditation 8
Theology – Ascendents 9, Soldiering 10, Engineering – civil 9, Area Knowledge – Five Fingers 11
Style Familiarity – Glaive Fighting, Form Mastery – Dueling Glaive, Off-Hand Weapon Training – Dueling Glaive

Polearm Techniques: Backstrike 13, Counterattack 10, Flying Lunge 11, Spinning Attack 13, Sweep 12, Targeted Attack thr/vitals 13, Disarming (PA) 15, Feint (PA or Staff) 15
Brawling techniques: Kicking 10, Knee Strike 11, Elbow Strike (can attack rear) 10
Acrobatic techniques: Acrobatic Stand 8, Breakfall 15, Roll with Blow 11

Equipment carried: Dueling Glaive, Rope 3/8” 9yrds, Small pouch w/ nuts and jerky, Canteen, Smokestick 2#, 3 royals, 2 blackpennies, Leather armor, Cap, Face mask (not worn in town), Hvy leather sleeves and leggings, Gauntlets, Leather boots.
Total carried weight: 37.5# (assumes filled containers)

Equipment owned but not carried: Whetstone, 29 royals, Devastator pistol (on loan to Natalia)

Damage Reduction:
Eyes 0 Face 4 (0) Skull 3 Neck 0
Torso 2 Groin 2
Arms 2 Hands 4 Legs 2 Feet 3

Born Pythios (rotten) to the family Teris (the Liberator). His mother called him Sophos (clever, skilled).

Toad left his home and his names behind at the age of fifteen to join the army of Syrama. He served in a pike unit for a few years before being captured by enemy troops and sold into “indentured servitude” to a minor mage and arena owner. He was released after five years of service and followed the rest of the trash downriver to the port city of Five Fingers.


Grace was the only woman who ever loved me. Not a romantic love, but the closest I’ll ever find. She called me Sophos. She said it meant clever and skilled. It wasn’t until I was past 15 summers that my father admitted what my birth name meant1. That was the last conversation I had with him, I ate breakfast that day, kissed my mother goodbye, and left all of my names behind in a storm of rage and tears. It’s funny now how young I was. How much I cared. Sometimes I wish I could feel that strongly about something again… so angry, so entitled, so alive. But it was a miserable feeling and I’d probably eat a forgelock if I ever did.

I’ve been called Toad ever since. I could tell you that story but it’s a long one, and not very interesting. Toad’s an easy name to remember and there’s no point denying it fits. When I enlisted with Syrama’s finest the next summer the sergeant just chuckled and recorded it in his book. The army taught me a few useful skills, but mostly to pay attention. We were all just stupid kids, and stupid means dead in war. Hold the line and push back the charge. Most of the weak and slow got weeded out, either by Captain or by the Yellows2. A few years of heavy fighting in the Jayd hills made my unit respectable3. I don’t know if we attracted the wrong kind of attention or if we just got unlucky but I was nineteen when an inferno fell upon us at Red Rock. Captain shouted and we formed up. We were tight as the queen’s arsehole but all our tactics didn’t do a damn thing to save us when the fires came. Our wizard, a second rate hack outta Orith, just turned and ran.

I’ve heard slavery’s been outlawed in the Iron Kingdoms for three hundred years but really they’ve just changed the name. The Yellows sold me and a handful of other captured soldiers to a warlock from Magasoa. He took me back to Faybar where I spent the next five years as an “indentured servant” fighting in the arena he owned. A remarkable lifespan for the job. The way he explained it I owed him my debt of freedom and I was in no position to argue. My owner was a warlock of the lower circle, a minor politician, and after our initial meeting he never spoke to me again. It was a Get named Barbosa who ruled my days. A master of every weapon I ever saw, he was charged with turning me into something the warlock could pull coin with. I learned the game quickly and nurtured a reputation for brutality among my peers while remaining undistinguished in the ring. A difficult feat, but not impossible as most gladiators aren’t especially bright. It was my wits more than my skill that kept me alive, and that only barely. When my five years were complete my debt to the warlock was paid. To my surprise I was released and even given a small purse of silver. Since then I’ve caught work with trading companies working the spiderweb of rivers through Orith, Syrama and even Yam although I’ve not set foot back in the Freecity.

1 Toad was born to the family Teris, an old and proud, but not wealthy, family in the rural outskirts of the Freecity of Hanai. Family history relates the name Teris was gifted upon a distinguished soldier by a Syrama noble hundreds of years ago after the liberation of a border town from bandits. When that soldier retired she had many sons and daughters and ruled the family as matriarch for forty years. The Askelop doktor had assured Hamris that after three daughters the child his wife now carried was a son. Hamris eagerly anticipated the birth and was celebrating with strong wine the night Toad was born. When Hamris saw his son he recoiled in horror at the scaly skinned baby and cursed him calling him Pythois, meaning ‘rotten’ in the old tongue. Ordic tradtion is strong and naming rites, particularly when the old tongue is invoked, are sacred. The name stood despite the furious objection of the baby’s mother.

2 Yellows is a slang term for the regulars of the army of the Kingdom of Yam. The name comes from the bright yellow sun emblazoned on the shields, banners and tabards of the army.

3 The Barbed Tip Irregulars of Syrama gained renown under the command of Captain Jain Orkus until the unit’s destruction at the Battle of Red Rock (Fort Stalt) in the fall of 604, Ordic calendar. Captain Orkus miraculously survived the battle buried and left for dead before being rescued a week later by salvagers. Orkus currently serves as major and commands one of Syrama’s most hardened legions. Those who knew him before Red Rock and after say he is a changed man and has lost any trace of the humanity he once held.


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