Torgus Irongrip


To look at him, one would think Torgus has a body of rock. His skin is a pale green, like faded limestone. His muscles carve dark creases, even in his jaw and his throat. He wears a chain shirt and heavy leathers died black. He’s surprisingly limber and moves in bounds, easily allowing him to catch his prey. Lately he’s taken to wearing a gauntlet with metallic finger pieces to slash or rip if the need arises. Normally, nothing survives his fists, though, so he doesn’t really need to worry.


Torgus is fairly quiet and patient. He keeps his eyes and ears open for orders from Cecilia who he knows is a little quicker to react. The two of them have been killing for hire for 7 years now. He doesn’t really know her past, since she smacks him hard everytime he asks too many questions about her past. He doesn’t really try to pry anymore, but he is curious about how she got so good. In fact, she still trains him occasionally. Mostly, he got his training in The Pit on Hospice. Most of his work comes from Waernuk’s enforcers or 2nds. At the moment he’s taken special interest in a “worker” at the Painted Window by the name of Luga Brigenstrog, an ogrun prostitute- one of the few in the city. He’s head over heels for her, and it’s becoming rather humorous for everyone but his partner, Cecilia.

Hired by Felelle. Ordered to kill the BRT but was enchanted by Apu.

Torgus Irongrip

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