Dark Moon Rising

Murder on the Roe - follow the body
3rd Session
Leaving the funeral service of Laura Soles the group is accosted by inquisitor Greyvine who asks for a few moments of their time. The group steps into a nearby bar, the Toadstool, and finds a table. Greyvine appologizes for her earlier rudeness and explains she is charged by the Church with investigating and rooting out cults within Five Fingers and is especially interested in the Thamarites. She reveals she was at the funeral tonight looking for a connection between Jules and Kalapuran agents. She gives the group a briefing of a handful of cults within the city and asks for their cooperation should they come across anything she may be interested in. Among the things she tells them…
  • Thamarites have a chapel buried somewhere beneath Captain’s Isle.
  • Necromancers of the Ebon Flame are firmly established in the Chatterstones on Hospice.
  • Kalapuran agents smuggle poisons, slaves, and fleshwerks into the city and are likely working with Velter (High Captain Waernuk)
  • She believes Thamarites influence or directly control most of the rest of the cults of the city and intend to make a bid to openly control the city once they have garnered enough power.

During the conversation with Greyvine the gobber Grig is constantly distracted and whispering to himself. When he slips away from the table and out the door noone notices. Not long after he comes bursting back into the tavern and pulls the group out into the street. Grig leads the group running back to the funeral home where they find two body snatchers making off with the corpse of Laura Soles. Shadowing the two down to the waterfront they interupt them readying a rowboat. Opifera gets shot before the two surrender realizing they are hopelessly outnumbered and outclassed. The commotion draws the attention from a local street gang and the group escapes in the rowboat with Laura’s corpse and one of the thugs, Serdan. The group’s mage, Apu goes missing in the commotion and doesn’t make it onto the crowded boat.

From Serdan they learn that he and his partner were hired by Jules Sole to steal away Laura’s corpse and deliver it to something called the Gormju on the isolated Mute Sister Island. Serdan tells them that the gormju grow and sell body parts to replace and boost missing limbs but has no idea what they would do with a dead body. Apu appears out of an alley and rejoins the group. They pick their way across Mute Sister to the gormju den and meet one of the creatures, a scarlet skinned gobber variant dressed in a dirty worn lab smock. Haugin reels with the powerful stench pouring out of the building, finding it uncomfortably familiar. The gormju doorman is expecting the Laura’s corpse but acts indifferent when the group tries to use it as leverage to get some answers. They leave with the corpse instead of completing the delivery despite their Serdan’s pleas and protests. He tells them he is supposed to get paid 70 royals for the job and begs the group to let him make the delivery. He offers them the 50 royals he has on him in exchange. He is a fairly convincing talker, and persistant. The group takes his gold and tells him they’ll think about it. For now they decide to make use of Laura’s corpse and hire a ‘spiritualist’ to summon her spirit to get some answers from the source. Serdan, it happens, knows just where to do that and happily guides them to the Chatterstones on Hospice dodging a well-armed Blackguard patrol. After a brief meeting with a contact of the Ebon Flame an appointment is set up for the next night and the group heads out hoping to find a bed at a friend of Ano’s halfway across Hospice. Enroute a local gang harrasses and then attacks them. The BRT strikes back hard and sends the gang scattering. Licking a few wounds they hurry along to Ano’s friend’s place to get off the streets before more trouble finds them.

Murder on the Roe - a knife, a bottle, and a corpse
2nd Session

Ano finds a note in the BRT dropbox requesting a meeting at the Rosebud dinner on Roe Avenue at dawn. While having breakfast at the dinner the group is pulled into a murder discovered in an apartment across the street. The victim, a woman named Laura Sole, lies alone on a bed with a ivory handled knife sprouted from her chest. The sergeant responding remarks that the victim’s husband is a wealthy man. The Bell Row Troubleshooters cautiously poke around the apartment finding two glasses, one broken. Haugin notes it seems odd that the knife wound left such a small blood spot. They leave with a strangly marked nearly half-full bottle on the bedside table which they later identify it as Brackbrandy, an illegal liquour of Kalapuran make.

In the course of the investigation the group meets Laura’s sister Livy DuShain, a moneychanger on Dicer’s and Laura’s husband Jules Sole, the owner of the Island Rum Runners distillery in the Spiritgrav. Both hire the group to find the killer. Livy offers 100 royals and Jules 200 royals + 100 more if killer brought to him alive without any watch involvement. Laura reveals that Jules is a cruel and abusive husband who Laura feared and Livy reviled. She suspects he is guilty and urges the group to find her evidence. When interviewed a hot-tempered Jules throws a heavy silver goblet at Ano narrowly missing the small gobber earning his ire. Jules admits the knife is his and suggests the killer must have stolen it from him to clumsily frame him. He promises to beat each of his servants to find a confession. Apu convinces him to allow the group to keep the knife for the duration of the investigation.

The Troubleshooters interview Lincoln Daltry, prelate of the Cathedral of Morrow on Dicers where Laura used to volunteer and the priest refers them to a confused Ano for more details on Laura. At the funeral home of Poe & Rekets the group meets Kinjaw, a twitchy introvert with a habit of sampling small bites of the corpses he autopsies. Apu studies Laura’s body and his extensive medical schooling supplimented with a spell finds that she died of poisoning and was only stabbed after she was quite dead. Apu suggests a diviner is hired to learn the identity of the knife’s last possessor. That night the knife disappears only to be found with the help of Apu’s spells under a pile of garbage nearby the next day. Ano suggests Jules was the only one who knew of the knife. During this discussion someone spots a rooftop squatter spying on the group, he is chased and escapes pursuit but loses his hat.

Redressed in fitting apparel the Troubleshooters attended the funeral of Laura Sole. Ano looked remarkable fine. They discover the bald stalker is a Thurian named Dane Winters who has also been hired by Jules to find Laura’s killer. Out of leads he was tracking the group to see what they learned. He suggested they join up and is taunted for his ineptitude. Jules expressed frustration at the group’s lack of progress. Opifera met a tearful young woman named Elise Beckman who was Laura’s best friend and confidant. Despite Elise’s husband Donalds efforts to keep Elise away from the investigators Opifera arrainged a time to meet Elise privately as she seems desperate to reveal something. Aside from the usual friends and business associates of the Soles present at the funeral are a handful of Morrowian clergy including Prelate Daltry who speaks some kind words, Father Ronolvo of the Church of the Waters of Morrow, and Inquisitor Pauline Greyvine.

Rescue the Princess
1st session

An indebted gobber named Ano jumps at the opportunity to take over a failing merc guild when the owner, Curly disappears. He vists a few acquanintances and cons them into joining the enterprise. The newly forming group is hired by Tug, the leader of a local gang called the Dicer’s Laggers to retrieve someone. The Laggers are licking their wounds from a turf battle with the Driftwolves during which an important contact of theirs was captured. The Laggers want her recovered and are offering a chunk of coin and a box of fine rifleshot. Tug is cagey with details, only saying she is a Jinn woman.

The group snuck into the Driftwolves’ headquarters, a fortified old houseboat called the Drowned Rat. Grig slit the throat of a drunken sentry and is later gripped in the jaws of a crocodile. Haugin chops furiously to free him but it is Ano who blinds the beast with a pinprick jab to each eye releasing Grig. Haugin untied the woman and the group fled pursued by furious Driftwolves. The Jinn woman is the first to exit the boat and pays for it with a crossbow bolt to the head. Meanwhile Opifera creates a diversion above deck by accepting a challenge from a cocky Driftwolf sentry named Jamison. She cuts him down with a single slash to the face that sends him tumbling into the drink. Haugin dragged the nameless Jinn woman and the unconscious Grig to shore and tried to revive them. Grig spits up water and blood but Haugin’s efforts on the woman succeeded only in finishing her off.

After some deliberation the group hauled the dead woman to their headquarters where Tug and his righthand, Horsbait, were waiting. Tug seemed unbothered that the woman was dead but planned to kill the group as they knew too much. Weapons were drawn in an armed standoff but Opifera talked everyone down. Tug gave up the ammo and renegotiated the fee since the rescued woman was dead. He congratulated them on the new business and informed them that they owed him ten royals every month in protection money. There’s some bad people out there.

The group names their newly formed guild the BellRow Troubleshooters.


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