Tag: Associate of Apu


  • Siti Bukhari

    An old flame of Apu's, and the mother of Vasu Bukhari. She has been re-united with Apu in Five Fingers, and freed of magical enslavement. Apu suspects that the enslavement of Siti and Vasu was the work of the same man who caused him to flee Ammad...

  • Bellinda

    A fun-loving social butterfly, Bellinda met Apu at Sister Helga's fundraiser for the Church of Morrow.

  • Kalika Fuds

    Apu's apprentice and assistant, she helps him with his teaching duties and research, and occasionally warms his bed. Apu has been training her in healing magic, and some other useful spells.

  • Jenna

    One of the courtesans at the Octopus Den, Jenna was the favorite of an adventurer who decided to 'hide' a map by tattooing it on her back. Unfortunately, someone figured out what it was, and removed the tattoo. Jenna is currently staying with the DMG …