Tag: Mage


  • Noatam

    Despite Noatam's caricature appearance he works hard to represent himself as a professional businessman. He prides himself on dealing straightforward and is eager to point out that his business is no more shady or unethical than anything else that goes …

  • Otto Von Richter

    Otto is one of the most senior members of the OGC in Five Fingers. His household was recently infiltrated by some kind of revenant who stole his children. The Dark Moon Guild was able to locate and rescue one of the children. The other was killed by …

  • Kalika Fuds

    Apu's apprentice and assistant, she helps him with his teaching duties and research, and occasionally warms his bed. Apu has been training her in healing magic, and some other useful spells.

  • Aman Nitzer

    Natalia's former nemesis, an urgolian commisar. Was the lover of one Petra Hinter, who will probably seek revenge.

  • Petra Hinter

    Urgolian mage and lover of Aman Nitzer. Will probably seek revenge against the Guild for his death.

  • Wyn Bitters

    Favored healer of the wealthy and a high ranking member of the OGC. Is looking into the death of Master Heim Wess, a wealthy philosopher.

  • Aspis

    Leader of a band of mercenaries who stole the Eye of Rig-Sabalth on behalf of parties unknown (but suspected of being the Cult of the Flowering Ones), Aspis was a spellcaster who demonstrated skill with Earth magics, and was suspected of necromancy.