Tag: dead


  • Jules Sole

    Jules was the husband of Laura Sole and hired the BRT to find her killer. Ironically, they ended up deciding that he was the murderer and killed him. Jules owned the Island Rum Runners Distillery which was burned mostly to the ground when his murderers …

  • Tug

    Tug was the leader of the gang Dicer's Laggers before he died in an explosion from a booby-trapped crate. He hired the BRT in the first game session to retrieve a captured associate of the gang and later ambushed them capturing the trapped crate.

  • Frankau Lelac

    Frankau hired the BRT to retreive a medallion from a gibbet hanging above the courtyard of the Five Fingers courthouse. He said he was contracted to get the medallion by Madame Klivson.

  • Aman Nitzer

    Natalia's former nemesis, an urgolian commisar. Was the lover of one Petra Hinter, who will probably seek revenge.

  • Aspis

    Leader of a band of mercenaries who stole the Eye of Rig-Sabalth on behalf of parties unknown (but suspected of being the Cult of the Flowering Ones), Aspis was a spellcaster who demonstrated skill with Earth magics, and was suspected of necromancy.