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  • Cecilia

    Always calm, always professional, she prefers clean and quick work, using Torgus for muscle when a throat slit would be too messy, or when someone just needs to be held for a moment. She bears a tattoo on her chin, marking her as a trained assassin back …

  • Torgus Irongrip

    Torgus is fairly quiet and patient. He keeps his eyes and ears open for orders from Cecilia who he knows is a little quicker to react. The two of them have been killing for hire for 7 years now. He doesn’t really know her past, since she smacks him …

  • Aspis

    Leader of a band of mercenaries who stole the Eye of Rig-Sabalth on behalf of parties unknown (but suspected of being the Cult of the Flowering Ones), Aspis was a spellcaster who demonstrated skill with Earth magics, and was suspected of necromancy.