Apu’s Amateur Architecture

1) Bathing apparatus

apu wants to set up a rain-catcher (basically, a big tarp with a weight in the middle, making it a crude funnel) that feeds into a large tank on the roof. This tank is attached to a pipe that runs down to Apu’s room, where it terminates in a large sprinkler-head (regulated via a pull-chain).

The sprinkler-head is over a metal tub large enough to bathe in, which is exactly what Apu will use it for. He’s still working on figuring out a convenient way to dispose of the water. A drainpipe through the wall into the alley is probably best.

2) Detention Area

Apu will use Earth to Stone and Shape Earth to cause significant changes in the basement. The building will rest on a very, very solid foundation. At one end of the room, there are openings not unlike those in a crypt, of appropriate size to store a human (or smaller) body. The arrangement is very similar to a modern morgue, with the minor precaution that the compartments lock from the outside. This is where the BRT stores prisoners that Apu or Sister Helga have put in Suspended Animation. From the BRT’s point of view, this is vastly preferable to a cell, as the prisoners are effectively asleep and unable to take any action, and do not need to be fed, etc (but they’re still manacled and hooded, just in case. a string tied to a bell will be attached to the manacles- if they move, the bell will ring).

3) interior decorating

Apu has placed 15 small shelves around the walls of his room. On the shelves are gaudy, over-decorated (and not terribly valuable) figurines representing various deva that a jinn mage would be expected to honor (Specifically, a deva representing each college Apu knows spells in. Julu stands in for whatever deva generally represents the college of Mind Control). The figurines are distractions, but a few of the (obviously cheap) shelves have small hollowed-out holes large enough to contain a powerstone. The powerstones are hidden in the shelves supporting the figurines of the four elemental colleges, Julu, healing, and protection.

Sister Helga will know where the powerstones are hidden.

4) Apu’s stash

The large marble block in Apu’s room is hollow (although it still weighs around 300 lbs). Apu stores his gold coin and spellbooks inside, using Shape Stone to ‘open’ it. There is no lock to pick, the stone block is seamless.


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