Clockwerk Golem

clockwerk wargolem

Description: utilizing gears and careful craftsmanship a talented mage is able to build clockwerk creations that imitate life and are able to follow simple instructions. Advanced clockwerk golems can be created with more complex intelligence and skills.
Form: clockwerk creations come in all manner of size and shape. From the small windup toys of the rich to giant spiderlike mechs used on patrol by the city-states of the League of Ordwyn. Most clockwerk golems are roughly human sized or smaller and imitate animals and people. Larger clockwerk creations, like steamjacks, are often used as a base for mechanika weaponry and armor effects. These require enormous fuel.
Function: most often used as bodyguards and scouts, some eccentric and likely mad creators build them as companions.
Intelligence: all golems can understand only one language but never forget anything seen or told. Unless programmed they cannot speak. The maker can program non-IQ based skills not limited by their own skill level. IQ based skills can only be programmed into an advanced golem and are limited to the IQ of the maker. Simple golems built with the Independence spell (M96) follows verbal orders from its maker; the maker may instruct it to obey others. It takes no initiative, and ignores any situation for which it has been given no orders.
Advanced golems built using the Initiative spell (M97) have a semblance of intelligence and are able to act on their own initiative. Still totally loyal to the maker it obeys them to the best of its ability. If faced with a situation that confuses it, it attempts to return to the maker for clarification. It can be programmed with an IQ and non-combat skills up to as high as the makers. These stats must be bought using the standard Golem spell cost for buying up abilities.
Resistances: clockwerk golems resist all spells with their Maker’s golem creation enchantment skill.
Fuel: clockwerk golems have the limitation that they require some type of power to function. For most designs powerstones are favored for their small size and efficiency although coal, oil, alchemical paste, and even soul burning necromantic engines have been used. The larger the golem the more power is required to power it. Like any magic item clockwerk golems can be enchanted with the Power enchantment (M57) to reduce or eliminate any external power needs.
The following numbers use ‘power’ to mean 1 pt of drain from a powerstone.
SM –1 or smaller require 1 power / day
SM 0 = 2 power / day
SM +1 = 3 power / day
SM <+1 = varies

Creation rules: as Golem spell (M59) with these changes…
Requires power -10% disadvange
The Maker can heal their own golem with a Repair spell (M119) as per spell. Others must use Shape Metal spell (M182) and a successful clockwerks skill roll to heal up to 12pts per casting. Other Healing spells have no effect.
Optional rules for cheaper golems under 0 pts in effect.
Prerequisites: Enchant, Shape Metal, Independence (may be substituted for Initiative).
Materials cost: $100 per pound for steel. Weight double imitated creature.


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