Size Modifiers for non-human sizes:
Most firearms are sized for humans and similarly sized races. A SM+1 or SM-1 character will suffer a -1 skill penalty to their gun use when using a standard size gun due to the trigger mechanism. This penalty can be eliminated with a custom adjustment by any competent gunsmith. The price for this service can vary widely but generally costs about 1/10th of the price of the gun. The penalties then apply to the SM 0 character trying to use such a weapon. A SM-1 modified weapon cannot generally be used by a SM+1 character and vice versa.
Additionally, most rifles and all listed shotguns are not useable by SM-1 creatures without bracing. The long barrel makes the weapon too unwieldy. SM-1 creatures are limited to weapons with no more than –5 bulk.
Note: weapon size damage modifiers for size for normal weapons do not apply for guns. This is due to the gun calibers being standardized.

the Black and Red:
Gunpowder in EndWorld is a combination of two refined black and red powders that combine explosively. Standard ammunition is sold in a silk packet load that contains both powders carefully measured and separated. The standard firing mechanism is a pin that punctures the bags to allow them to contact each other with explosive results.
A newer innovation in EndWorld has been the introduction of metal cartridges to contain the two volatile powders. The primary challenge met in this development has been the creation of a reliable mechanism. The Syramese solved this problem a few years back and quickly began to introduce these firearms utilizing the cartridges to their frontlines. The result, especially in the hands of the fabled Syramese gunslingers has been dramatic. The last year has begun to see captured and stolen cartridge guns making their way into the hands of well connected dealers. Although they are still very rare the superior guns have already driven down the market price of silk packet firearms. The Order of the Golden Crucible in Five Fingers has been proactive in replicating the ammunition and it can be found at various gunsmithes much easier than the cartridge firing guns.
Cartridges do not fire in standard silk packet firing guns without modification. This retrofitting can be done for 10% of the value of the gun. Once modified use the damage of the cartridge guns (2d pi or 4d pi) and the faster reload time. All other weapon stats with the exception of ammo cost remain as the original. Noteworthy, the bullets fired by cartridge weapons are slightly smaller than packet fired bullets and so do pi damage instead of pi+.

Weapon Descriptions:

Vengeance: Contrary to popular legend the Vengeance rifle, not the Triumph pistol is the favored weapon of most gunslingers. As accurate as the Liberator but able to fire at nearly four times the rate in skilled hands. It packs a punch that can take down a battle frenzied ogrun.
Venger: It didn’t take long once the Vengeance models started trickling into the city before some enterprising gunsmith adapted the weapon for the rougher reality of Five Fingers. The Venger is simply a chopped down version of the Vengeance cartridge rifle, sacrificing accuracy, range, and some would say elegance for a shorter, less unwieldy weapon. It has all the brutal punch and quick reload of the original model but is small enough to be used by a strong gobber.

Dragoneer: leave it to a pirate to take something ugly and make it nastier. The Dragoneer was developed on the pirate freehold of Kalapur. The basic idea is a bigger, stronger blunderbuss and loaded with more powder and extra hard sharps. Usually the gun is then etched and painted with all manner of crude and violent art. The stats listed are for the most commonly found gun but even larger versions have been seen mounted as swivel guns to pirate ship decks or even carried by hulking ogrun. Fortunately for the targets the silk packets used in these guns are often inexpertly mixed or poorly cared for and achieve results arguably as dangerous to the user as the target.

Judicator: the first cartridge firing pistol to see widespread use. Designed to be light weight, accurate and reliable few guns can match the firepower per pound of the Judicator. This pistol is beginning to see widespread use, at least ornamental, among the nobility of Syrama and Orith.

Triumph: this innovative pistol is the synthesis of a decade of experimental designs. Built to exacting dimensions its crafting is beyond most gunsmiths and requires some knowledge of the principles of clockwerk. When properly oiled the chamber rotates when fired lining up the next bullet automatically. Weighing no more than a Defender and capable of firing three shots before reloading this is the weapon of the dedicated killer.
Forgelock: this generic label actually describes a wide variety of hand crafted pistols. The hammer-pin design first invented in the city of Hanai was a significant improvement over the old springpin designs that were the pinnacle of warfare for hundreds of years in the Iron Kingdoms. The adoption of breech loading made these pistols obsolete but there are still plenty of them left around and a few stubborn gunsmiths still craft them as they are cheap and easy to build.

Defender: the Syramese developed this streamlined forgelock pistol. Cutting the reload time significantly the Defender also shaves off a little weight. It became standard issue to military officers and found its way onto city watches as well as civilian use. The Defender’s breech load was copied in all newer models and is now the standard in silk packet guns.

Devastator: the Yamish answer to the Defender. Boasting a wider, longer barrel some say it hits harder and shoots farther. The standard Devastator load is a bit larger than normal ammunition packets and this incompatibility probably keeps it from becoming the dominant choice for civilian use.

Devastator Double: the monster of pistols this gun delivers two powerful shots before requiring a reload. The two barrels are usually joined horizontally side by side although some guns are built with vertically stacked barrels. This gun is heavy and unweildly but undeniably deadly. The Devastator Double can be modified to fire both barrels together instead of individually. The gun was developed in the Kingdom of Yam but today most are built in Orith.
Devastator Double
Holdout: known by a handful of different names these weapons emphasize concealment. The miniature design is made possible by finely tuned spring mechanisms. Invented in the League of Ordwyn most of these pistols still come from there. Due to their delicate construction they usually require repair if shot with a bad load (critical failure).

Handgonne: the most primitive firearm still in use today. This is the poor man’s gun. Heavier than a rifle but with half the accuracy and power this weapon has nothing to recommend it except price. The gunsmiths making Handgonnes usually put very little effort into them often resulting in unreliable guns prone to malfunction.

Rifle: the standard breech loading rifle is a powerful weapon. The advantages over the pistol are a larger load that gives its projectile more punch and a longer barrel to improve on accuracy.

Liberator: this graceful Syramese rifle has widely been called the pinnacle of firearms. Choice alloys and careful design make this the lightest and most accurate packet firing rifle. This gun has always been associated with the famed gunslingers of Syrama and some of them still prefer it to the newer Vengeance claiming it has superior stopping power. Until recently Liberators have been unaffordable to all but the wealthiest gunfighters.

Carbine: this reengineered rifle is the Orithan’s answer to the arms race. A shorter barrel and streamlined breech drop-hinge give this gun a quick reload and light weight without sacrificing any of the range, accuracy or stopping power of a standard rifle. This weapon has seen a century of use in the Orithan military and it is still their mainstay weapon.

Double Carbine: still coming in two pounds lighter than a standard rifle this gun packs two barrels. It is the most powerful personal weapon on the streets today short of a few mechanika monstrosities.


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