Every island in Five Fingers is different, and every district on the larger islands has its own personality. Each island is like a small town with its own docks, markets, and housing. Space being at a premium most buildings in Five Fingers are multi-story with the upper levels connected with planks and rope bridges. Wood has to be imported and so is used and reused until it crumbles apart.

Rigs are a series of nets, rope bridges and suspended platforms hanging over many parts of the city, on cliff sides and under bridges. A lot of ship salvage is used in its continual construction and reconstruction. As you might imagine rigs are dangerous territory, but this is particularly true if your not a native to them and the residents decide you’re unwanted. It’s mostly gobbers living up there although a few desperate humans squat there as well. There are rigs over Chasers, Dicers, Captains, parts of Hospice, and the dock section of Bulls. Rigs are one of the very few independent places in Five Fingers. Not even the High Captains or Lord Govenor Doyle claims authority over them. Lastly, while rigs are scattered about the islands of Five Fingers when someone says “the Rigs” they are referring to the huge mass of rigs tied together over Captain’s Isle.

Caverns are scattered about all the major islands and several of the lesser islands. Some open up to the water and access to them can vary with the tides. They are popularly used by smugglers and cultist and the city finds it impossible to police them effectively. They have their own dangers though that generally keep out all but the most desperate or twisted. It’s an open secret that a temple, some say cathedral, to the goddess Thamar lies hidden beneath Captain’s Isle although few are permitted to see it. Cultists of even darker, degenerate things crawl through these tunnels either with the cooperation or in competiton with the Thamarites.

Specific Locations

Dark Moon Guild – Chasers
guildhouse and living quarters

A simple wood block sign branded with the company name marks this large three-story building where the group is headquartered. The front door opens into a large receiving room with table and chairs enough to sit eight comfortably. The west wall of this room is very thin and behind that is a narrow hallway reserved for observing the main room unnoticed. A handful of well hidden peek holes offer a limited view. A small office and various storage rooms fill out the rest of the the main floor.
The basement is empty excepting a large stone table at the moment. It still stinks heavily of the refuse that was dumped her for decades. Apu has plans for turning the space into holding cells.
The second floor is made up of a long hallway running front to back with windows at either end. Honeycombing the hallway are six bedrooms, a water closet currently being fitted to make use of the everpresent Five Fingers rain water, and one workshop.
The third floor has another four bedrooms, a small workroom, and a larger meeting room seating a crowded six with the only west facing window in the building. The table in this meeting room has a poorly worked map painted and scratched onto it. The meeting room opens to the north to a narrow standing room only iron balcony overlooking the cigar butt littered alley below.

Silver Fingers – D5 Channel District, Bell Row
pawnshop, residences, and former guildhouse of the BellRow Troubleshooters

Rotting wooden stairs lead up to this aged three-story building that once housed the Dark Moon Guild back when they were called the BellRow Troubleshooters. The bottom floor has been gutted and opened as a pawn shop while the upper levels rent out as living quarters.

Swiggling Pig – D4 Doleth Docks

A large, cheap eatery located near the end of the docks where the district meets the Channel District.
Specializes in sizzling hot fried pig skin – heaping large plate for a half-galleon. Hunks of various roasted pork pieces cost from a blackpenny to a galleon. Allows customers to bring in their own liquor provided they rent a glass for a blackpenny.
Sells its own cheap beverage called Swill – a mix of the dregs of old kegs from local bars mixed with a bottle or two of the cheapest usike.

Favorite hangout of the Dark Moon Guild.

Bell Row Clockwerks – D5 Channel District, Bell Row

Second hand clockwerks dealer. Does repairs. Hires the BRT for short guard duties when gets in expensive merchandise.

Cathedral of Morrow – Central Dicers

The largest church of Morrow in Five Fingers. Prelate Daltry presides over the church and is attended by nearly a dozen clergy.
Prelate Lincoln Daltry Sister Helga often assists the clergy here as it is close to the BRT guildhouse.
Pauline Greyvine works closely with the church of Morrow through the Order of Illumination.

3 Coins – D3 Maiden Bridge District, Crucible Alley

Established moneychanger and small business lender.
  • Livy DuShain – owner and operator. Older sister to the slain Laura Sole and looks nearly identical.

Crusty’s Trusty Alchemicals – D3 Maiden Bridge District, Crucible Alley, Raven’s Street

Dirty, disorganized shop selling third-rate alchemicals.
  • Nearly blind proprietor sporting 1/2” thick glasses.

the haunted – D3 Maiden Bridge District, Crucible Alley, Raven’s Street

An old bar with the habit of attracting a nasty crowd in an otherwise respectable neighborhood.

Drowned Rat – D2 Aft Bridge District

Located just south of the beach end of Cod Row. This half-sunken old gambling paddleboat is the headquarters of the Driftwolves gang.
  • Hold – mostly flooded. Hole opens in the back to flush out shit and piss. Blinded aligator who is fearful of gobbers still lives in the hold. Front end used for storage and torture.
  • Main deck – bunks and common room. Door w/ bridge dock to beach.
  • Upper deck – small space with large windows blocked by riveted steel sheets.

Rosebud – Ch5 Twin Bridge District

On Roe Ave across from the apartment where Laura Sole’s body was found. A dinner with big tables famous for its great breakfasts.
  • Babs Vernie – owner and cook
  • Apuneeshmealoman (Apu) stops by for mid-afternoon tea most days, after the lunch rush.

Beckman’s Finest – Ch2 Rivergrav

Midsized importer of fruits and vegetables, produce changes by the season. Did significant business with the Island Rum Runners Distillery until it was closed recently.
  • Donald Beckman – owner and manager
  • Elise Beckman – wife to Donald and minor socialite

Brail’s Mask Emporium – Bellow’s Island

This large structure sits on a main street on Bellows Island. Its reputation rests on a modest line of masks catering to the high society and its needs. Many masks are made to order for private parties. They’re known for their unusual quality, and they are said to “bring out the devil in you and those you know.” There are half a dozen workshops and some storage rooms, as well as a main records room. It is surrounded by a low stone wall with several entrances for couriers, cargo, and a main entrance (the iron gate). Recently, the star mask carver, Bartley Degrata, has been convicted of a number of grisly murders. During his stint at the Emporium, the mask prices soared to 10-20 royals.

Octopus Den – Captain’s Isle, Emerald District, Chance Street

Situated just off of Chance Street, The Octopus Den keeps a low profile. It faces the backside of a handful of gambling halls and stores, and sits within a large row of adjoined buildings which face the main street. The den was probably originally meant to be a set of apartments for proprietors on Chance Street, but the staircases have long since been boarded up, and the front windows have all been painted over. The only way in is the back alley, up the iron fire escape, and through the door with the wooden sign swinging above it. It depicts, of course, a purple octopus releasing its green ink.

Inside, the hallways are narrow, as befitting the converted apartment hallways. One desk attendant greets visitors and agrees on the fees and services. It’s known for its green and purple opium clouds which hang in many of the rooms, but it also keeps a good name as a pleasure den. They always keep a dozen women on hand, several of which have specialties. Miranda, for instance, is a wonderful masseuse. A variety of soft pillows and divans line the walls in the pleasure rooms. Deep purple curtains cover the doorways to each of these rooms, and those who are escorted to their rooms often seen the silhouettes of other paying customers and their attendants.
  • Miranda – friendly courtesan skilled in massage
  • Jillian – upscale courtesan, very skiled and expensive

Poe & Rekets Funeral Home – C4 Captain’s Prow

Small dust colored building near the Basalt Plaza a block from the Church of the Waters. Used by the wealthy. The funeral home holds services then transports bodies to Ocean Funeral Morgue.
  • Proprietor Finnigan Poe and his sons Regis and Dugan
  • Kinjaw – coroner and body preparation

Toadstool – C4 Captain’s Prow

Rundown dark tavern with sturdy tables, cheap ales and horrible food. Popular hangout of the slabbers, and the island’s corpse haulers. The last place Pauline Greyvine was seen before her disappearance.
  • Miles – thin, bald smiling barkeep
  • Drussy – serving girl / whore

Island Rum Runners Distillery and Sole Manorhouse – C3 Spiritgrav

These joint buildings were the sight of the death of Jules Sole and at least two of his houseguards. The manorhouse was burned to a husk. The city watch received criticism for thier lackluster investigation into the arson.

The Distillery and manor house has since been rebuilt and converted into a brewery funded by cooperative of semi-retired pirate captains. It is scheduled to open sometime in the month of Goloven but has been struggling with paying all the right bribes.

Shearwater Sweet Rum – C3 Spiritgrav

The most successful distillery in town, widely believed to be responsible for the destruction of the IRR distillery.
  • Reginald Hull – owner

Gearbox – H1 Beggar’s Maze

An ancient looking small wooden warehouse with broken out windows and an oversized door of tied wooden planks. A grimey board labels the place in Ordic. The Gearbox is a salvage shop and junk yard.

Inside is one large room completely covered with semi-sorted piles of glass, metal, and wood, most of it broken. Close to a dozen gobber children scamper through the mess at all hours of the day polishing, pounding and fixing various pieces. Hanging from the walls and ceiling are tie lines, hammocks and small platforms.
  • Nars – gobber owner
  • “the girls” – Nar’s 3 gobber wives
  • 13 gobber kids

House of Candles – Hospice Island

A large decaying building standing detached at the end of a line of buildings. Lights come from within trapping the unwary and curious into investigating. Locals gave the building its name and tell tales of people disappearing inside.
  • Ginny was found in a chunk of amber in this building.

Chatterstones – H4 Coveward Bourg

The only large graveyard in the city, the Chatterstones is notorious for its inability to keep its dead quiet. The crypts are all dug out below ground with the surface real estate at such a premium, even on Hospice. It is an open secret that a local lodge of the Ebon Flame is headquartered here and its members hire out for specialized jobs, especially seances.
  • Noatam – necromancer who travels with his zombified shaggy dog.

The Blaggard’s Manse – Crane Island, Upper Platform

This mercenary’s den and bar is located on one of the upper platforms of Crane Island. They show definite favoritism to down and out mercs or any types of veteran soldiers. It’s a good spot to go if you want to hear war stories. There’s an interesting mix of nationalities here, including people you’d think would normally be at one another’s throats, yet they’re able to put aside their differences in the interest of drinking uiske and reminiscing about battle.

The doorman looks more like a local trollkin who likes the night air. He generally nurses a cheap ale while rocking on the king sized rocking chair outside. Don’t let him fool you. He knows trouble when he sees it, and he always keeps an ear out for trouble inside. Inside, the main floor is large, providing patrons with plenty of table options: large round, smaller party tables, and solitary tables. The smaller tables are mostly placed by the windows overlooking the troubled seas. There’s one long bar, and beside it a narrow staircase leading to ten meeting rooms. They’re outfitted with functional if unappealing furniture. On most nights, at least one or two of these rooms is rented out for a mercenary deal, a payment, or just a private game of cards.

Gormju Den – Mute Sister Island

Hivelike conversion of joined apartments. Crusty alienesque interior walls can be glimpsed from the entry tunnel and a pungent stench wafts from within. The reclusive gobbers meeting clients at the door are a foreign breed with grayish scarlet skin and large eyes.

The Gormju grow and sell body parts and it’s rumored they purchase live or dead specimens of unusual races.


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