Mage Guilds

The selling of spellcasting services and written spells is restricted to recognized guilds in Five Fingers but like any other valued commodity in the city there is an active black market trade.

The largest mage guild in Five Fingers is the Order of the Golden Crucible. Crucible Alley in the Maiden Bridge District on Dicer’s is the center of their influence and a good place to find a variety of spellcasters for hire. Members of the OGC charge a steep fee for their services but their reputation is backed up by the guild and they will tell you you get what you pay for. The prices are standardized and set by the OGC and can flux with demand but usually don’t. The OGC weilds power as an influential guild within the city.

Five Fingers has more than the usual number of independent mages. Most of these unguilded are rejects poorly skilled and often self-trained but a few simply find even the informal structure of the Broken Coast Witches to stifling or work directly for a criminal syndicate. These wizards trade spells and services as they please finding enough business on the black market to keep them working.

While not officially licensed by the city the second largest mage guild in Five Fingers is the Ebon Flame. This group of necromancers is rumored to operate out of a large graveyard called the Chatterstones on Hospice Isle. Most of the members prefer to be left alone but some will take contracts for the right price. The guild is believed to be connected with the Thamarites scattered about the islands instead of the usual Horned God cultists that do their dirty work.

Although small in number the Fraternal Order of Wizardry has an established lodge on Bellow’s Isle and has the ear of most in power including Lord Governor Eilish Doyle. Most of the very wealthy wouldn’t trust a wizard outside the FOW.

A handful of Broken Coast Witches live in the city or pass through on privateer ships but the guild has no actual guildhouse in Five Fingers. Skallet’s Aquatic Salvage in the Rivergrav North on Chaser’s serves as the Witches general hangout.

Both the Greylord Covenant and the XO are rumored to be operating in the city. There are ancient ruins beneath the islands tracing back to the centuries of Merlyn’s rule that draw many powerful groups here.

Mage Guilds

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