Description: a combination of clockwerk, tubing and rune etched plates house the arcane energies of enchantments in complicated matrix. Most mechanika are both heavy and noisy.

strength enhancing mechanika gauntlets

Weight: mechanika are always heavy. They utilize metal, wires and glass to shortcut the natural laws of magic.

Fuel: mechanika cannot be powered by drawing mana from the user. They must be fueled by powerstones which can be loaded or removed from a mechanikal device with a Ready action. Any powerstone loaded into mechanika functions as a Exclusive Powerstone (M 70) while in that device. One-College Powerstones do not function in mechanika. Manastones do work with mechanika and are popular disposable loads.

Tone: not every spell enchantable into an item can be enchanted into mechanika. Paramount is flavor and tone.

Creation rules: substitute 10 magic points for each 1 pound. Minimum 10%, maximum 50%. Mechanika creation is divided into two phases starting with the materials construction.
Materials cost is $100 per pound plus any special costs listed in the Item description of the spell. Material construction is 1 day per pound at the end of which the mechanik makes a mechanika skill check sometimes at a penalty for difficult constructions. Failure means the work is a loss and all materials and time spent to this point are wasted. Success indicates the item is primed and ready for the enchanting phase. Each mechanika device can be learned as a separate skill for creation purposed but also default to standard mechanika skills at listed amount.
Energy cost must be invested per normal Slow and Sure Enchanting (M18) at 1pt per day and may only begin after material construction is complete. Enchanter must know the spell listed as Source. Multiple enchanters can be used to shorten this time per those rules. Unlike normal Slow and Sure Enchanting the enchantment can be “locked down” between days suspending the enchantment to prevent loss due to skipped days. (this is mainly to make it workable for the PC). Additionally the item is not destroyed on a failed enchantment roll unless it is a critical failure.

Market price: is listed for mechanika made using 50% magic points and 50% mechanika/weight and is set at 75% of a purely magical item. Mechanika built with a higher ratio of magic points to weight will be worth more proportionally. Price reflects material costs, guild schematic and table usage, hardware crafting, and enchantment time.

Sample items

Use: unless otherwise noted mechanika devices require a ready maneuver to turn on and another to turn off. Alternatively the user can just opt to let the device run until its power is exhausted.

A silver face mask that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. The Filter purifies air passing through it protecting the wearer from poisonous gas or vapors.
It can be attached to or built into a helmet or face mask or worn without any head armor in which case it provides DR 1 to face.
Power usage: 1 charge per 30 minutes. Weight: 2.5#
Indicators: runes on mask glow faintly when in use – Stealth –1.
Creation: $250 materials + 3 days + Energy 25. Purify Air (M23). Mechanika skill check at: 0
Market price: $1237.5

A large treated leather mask and backpack or frontpack sealed with copper breathing tubes. The Breather creates clean, fresh air to breathe. The air tight design can allow the wearer to use it in vapors rooms and even underwater.
Provides DR 2 to head and neck and will not fit over helmets.
Power usage: 1 charge per 30 minutes. Weight: 10#
Indicators: none, but you look ridiculous.
Creation: $1000 materials + 10 days + Energy 100. Create Air (M23). Mechanika skill check at: -1
Market price: $4950

Heatseer Goggles
Bulky glass and steel goggles marked and etched with runic plates. Allows the wearer to see heat rays as with the Infravision advantage (B60). It does not reveal invisible objects.
Provides DR 1 to eyes but –1 to vision checks when not activated.
Power usage: 1 per minute. Weight: 5#
Indicators: lenses glow red when in use –1 to Stealth.
Creation: $500 materials + 5 days + Energy 50. Infravision (M111). Mechanika skill check at: 0
Market price: $2475

Rocket Boots
Large cast iron boots that stretch the length of the wearer’s legs. When activated will levitate the user smoothly and effortlessly in any direction up to a maximum speed of 3. The boots respond to the will of the caster and no concentration is required to steer them once switched on.
Provides DR 4 to feet and legs. They cannot be worn over other armor.
Power usage: 1 per 160# (including boots) lifted per minute. Weight 40#
Indicators: when activated alchemical flames burst from the boots’ bottoms extending an inch away from the boot. Direct contact with the flame causes 1pt burning damage.
Creation: $4000 materials + 40 days + Energy 400. Levitation (M143). Mechanika skill check at: -1
Market price: $19,800

Magnetic Burst Bands
A series of rune etched copper strips riveted onto the wearer’s armor or strapped to their limbs with a powerload box attached to the lower back. Activates automatically forcing an incoming blade to turn in its wielder’s hand, inflicting only crushing damage instead of cutting. This also unreadies the weapon. Only good against blade attacks – it will not activate to protect against spear, club, or the teeth or claws of an animal. The bands work automatically and may be combined with a normal Parry, Block, or dodge. The runes activate individually but offset each other so no more than one blow a turn can be deflected.
Provides DR 1 to limbs, head, and torso only if worn with no other armor.
Power usage: 1pt per attack deflected. Passive but cannot be turned off while powered. Weight: 15#
Indicators: spark violently but harmlessly when blade is turned.
Creation: $1500 materials + 15 days + 150 energy. Turn Blade (M167). Mechanika skill check at: 0
Market price: $7425

Alarm Warding Plate
Silver plate covered in arcane runes. Two versions are common. A small cylinder or a plate stretched out to cover an entire yard hex with the powerstone loaded into the center. The later can be disguised as floor, wall or ceiling tile to those unfamiliar with mechanika while the former is usually hidden from sight in a desk or cabinet. Both function identically covering 1 yard hex and are attuned to a small piece of jewelry worn by the owner of the plate. When activated the Alarm Warding Plate warns the owner via a brief, painless shock of anyone or anything crossing the warded area with hostile intent. If the owner is asleep the shock wakes them instantly without being stunned.
Power usage: 1pt per 12 hours. Can be turned on and off but each interval uses a full 12 hour charge even if it on for less, partial charges cannot be saved.
Weight of plates: 10#, weight of jewelry negligible.
Indicators: none from plate
Creation: $1000 materials + 10 days + 100 energy. Watchdog (M167). Mechanika skill check at: -1
Market price: $4950

Mechanika guns are not required to be switched on. Instead they require time to power up. This takes 1 second per charge used in the shot with a limit stated as maximum charge. The charges can be held by holding the trigger tight and the weapon can be fired with any charge up to its maximum. Only after charging to the desired amount can a mechanika gun begin to aiming if desired. All charges charged up must be fired at once and at the same target. Mechanika can be crafted as Fine and Very Fine as per Firearm Quality (B280) with the same accuracy benefits but this is rarely done as it is prohibtively expensive even though the encantment time is not doubled with the mechanika hardware price. They can also be enchanted as normal guns. Almost all mechanika guns are noisy when fired usually crackling with electrical discharge. Many also smoke slightly after being fired with barrels hot to the touch.
Guns are shown in their most common configuration with maximum mechanika parts used. Weight, cost, and ST requirements are per this configuration and will vary with build. Note ST requirement is for firing an unbraced weapon. These weapons can be fired by nearly anyone if braced.
All mechanika guns use the Guns: mechanikal skill to fire.

This small cannon shoots a burst of arcane force designed to break objects. It has no effect on living creatures. If the shot doesn’t break the object then it does no damage. It has limited range but if pressed directly up against an inanimate object cannot miss provided shooter doesn’t critically fail.
Indicators: makes a soft boom sound when activated.
Creation: $500 materials + 25 days + Energy 250. Shatter (M116). Mechanika skill check at: -1
Market price: $12,375
Damage / Chrg Max Chrg Acc Range Weight ST
1d 3 1 3 25# 10%

Arc-Caster Crackling sparks build across the ends of this large gun as it charges. When fired it arcs a powerful bolt of electric current at its target injuring and possibly stunning them. Treat metal armor as DR 1 against this attack. If wounded the target must make a HT roll, at –1 per 2 HP suffered, or be stunned physically stunned (B420) and must roll vs. HT each second to recover.
Indicators: burst of lightening arcs from gun to target.
Creation: $2000 materials + 40 days + Energy 400. Lightning (M196). Mechanika skill check at: -2
Market price: $19,800
Damage / Chrg Max Chrg Acc Range Weight ST
1d-1 burning 3 3 50 40# 12%


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