Dicer’s Laggers – D2 Aft Bridge District

Size: 50+ members. Equiped: Moderate. Operations: extortion, muscle. Control most of eastern Dicer’s Isle – D2 & D5. Controlled by HC Waernuk.

A recent booby-trapped crate killed the gang’s leader Tug plunging the gang into an internal war for control. The Laggers have had a hot and cold relationship with the BRT.
  • Known members:
    • Horsbait – huge quiet Get. carries a broadsword and a concealed carbine under his greatcoat.

Driftwolves – D2 Aft Bridge District

Headquartered in the Drowned Rat but operates all around Dicer’s and likely beyond. Size: less than 20 members. Equiped: Moderate. Operations: theft, muscle. Controlled by HC Killbride.

Invaded by the BRT it is not clear if the Driftwolves yet know who shamed them.
  • Known members:
    • Gurion – leader
    • Terl – smooth talker. carries a liberator rifle
    • Jamison – nasty scar across face from Opifera

Cod Row Blades – D2 Aft Bridge District

Size unknown. Equiped: Moderate. Operations: smuggling. It is not known who controls them.

Not much is widely known about this small gang working through the fish gutters warehouses. Their leader is an elusive, especially nasty little woman named Janeesh.


Forgotten Ones – ‘near the colossus’

Size unknown. Equiped: unknown. Operations: unknown. It is not known who controls them.

Very little is known about their organization or operations. Their known (living) agents include Felelle, and they are known to work in cooperation with inhuman creatures.

The BRT have raided one of their bases underneath (island?).

Mage Guilds


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