Most beneficial alchemicals are marked with a sigil label the type and creator. Hostile alchemicals are often unmarked or marked in code and are not easily available for purchase without criminal contacts.
Repeated use may cause dizziness, irritability, rectal leakage or become addicting. Ask your dealer if alchemicals may be right for you.

Salves – must be manually applied
Packaged in small clay or metal tins and sealed with wax. Weight varies. Onset immediate. Salves must be spread on the body, either a small area or whole body.

Fire Resistance – Grants immunity to normal and spell fire for hours. (M216)
Weight 3 lbs Cost: $500

Pain Resistance – Grants the High Pain Threshold for 1 hour. (M216)
Weight 3 lbs Cost: $600

Ironskin – Hardens the skin for hours. (Invulnerability, M214)
Weight 3 lbs Cost: $2100

Keen Sight – Smeared on eyes. Enhances vision checks for minutes. (M219)
Weight: 1lb Cost: $400

True Sight – Smeared on eyes. Gains ability to see Auras. (M216)
Weight: 1lb Cost: $550

Healing – Applied directly to the wound. Converts 1d6 HP damage to same FP damage. (M217)
Weight 2 lbs Cost: $120

Sensitize <hostile> – Causes extreme sensitivity to pain as per Sensitize spell (M 39) for 1 hour.
Weight 3 lb Cost: $200

Elixirs – must be drank
Packaged in glass or iron flasks. Weight 1 lb. Onset immediate. They must be drank to take effect and cannot generally be disguised in food or drink.

Battle aka Battlemead – Quickens the nerves and tightens the muscles. (M214)
Cost: $350

Endurance aka Oxheart – Grants great stamina for hours. (M214)
Cost: $1400

Fetching and Carrying aka Mulesweat – Grants strength and endurance for hours. (M214)
Cost: $300

Speed aka Quicksilver – Gain unnatural agility and speed. (M214)
Cost: $550

Strength aka Titansblood – Grants the strength of an ogrun. (M214)
Cost: $250

Attractiveness – Adds a subtle glow of attractiveness. (M216)
Cost: $600

Wisdom aka Brightmind – Adds 1 to IQ for 1 hour for all purposes but spellcasting. (M219)
Cost: $1500

Alchemical Antidote – Rare counter alchemical. (M217)
Cost: $400

Univeral Antidote – Rare agent that counteracts any known poison. (M218)
Cost: $750

Forgetfulness <hostile> – Produces temporary amnesia. (M219)
Cost: $700

Love <hostile> – Drinker falls in love with next person of gender they are attracted to that they see. (M219)
Cost: $900

Truth <hostile> – Drinker cannot tell a lie as Compel Truth spell. (M219)
Cost: $1100

Rods – must be ignited
Vary in sizes and are activated by burning. They are usually sold wrapped in thin paper.

Smokestick (per Smoke spell M 73)
Spreads dense billowing smoke. Beginning the second after ignition it will spread to initial hex and each second it burns thereafter it will spread smoke an additional hex radius.
Sold in four sizes with each pound burning for one second.
1lb = $10, 2lb = $20, 3lb = $30, 4lb = $40

Powders – must be eaten
Sold in paper packets. Weight negligible. Onset 2d minutes. Mixed with food or drink, they can be detected with Per Taste check. Modifiers based on strength of food flavor.

Fertility – Encourages succesful reproduction. (M217)
Cost: $6000

Health – Cures disease. (M217)
Cost: $750

Long Slumber – Causes deep sleep. (M217)
Cost: $9,000

Memory – Grants Eidetic Memory advantage for 1 hour. (M219)
Cost: $1500

Aging <hostile> – When injested ages the subject by a year. (M214)
Cost: $825

Death <hostile> – Powerful injestable poison. (M215)
Cost: $500

Lecherousness <hostile> – When injested causes lecherousness. (M215)
Cost: $500

Drunkenness <hostile> – Must be mixed into wine or strong ale. –3 to detect. (M219).
Cost: $130

Friendship <hostile> – Subject is friendlier towards all others. (M219)
Cost: $550

Globes – activation varies
Vary in weight, size and activation means. They may break during a fall or if location they are carried takes damage.

Blackout (per Blackout spell M 110)
Spreads a thick alchemical darkness when shattered. The darkness has a slight velvety feel but does not obstruct movement. Activated by breaking the globe the darkness spills forth immediately covering a the impact hex and all adjacent hexes up to nine feet high.
Weight: 1lb Cost: $200

Glowlamp (per Continual Light spell M 110)
Alchemical laterns that glow with an even light the brightness of a torch. Cannot be extinguished by natural means such as water or wind. Are dorminant until activated by shaking vigorously but then glows for 2d days unless shattered.
Weight 3lbs Cost: $50

Incense – must be ignited and inhaled
Sold in cones or thick sticks. Detectable when burning by a Per Sight or Smell check. Weight negligible. Spread and onset see pastile M 218.

Awakening – Creates a clear cloud that awakens and stimulates. (M217)
Cost: $500

Tranquility – Nulifies extreme emotions and facilitates rational thought. (M218)
Cost: $500

Aging <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud aging those who breathe it by one year. (M214)
Cost: $825

Fear <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud inducing fear. (M 215)
Cost: $225

Foolishness <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud numbing the mind. Duration in minutes. (M 215)
Cost: $500

Hatred <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud causing hatred. (M 215)
Cost: $300

Jealousy <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud causing jealousy. (M 215)
Cost: $400

Madness <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud causing madness. (M 215)
Cost: $200

Weakness <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud reducing strength to all who breath by 3. (M 215)
Cost: $400

Sleep <hostile> – Creates a hazy cloud causing sleep. (M 218)
Cost: $120

Gullibility <hostile> – Subject aquires Gullibility disadvantage for hours. (M 219)
Cost: $500


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