Week 1

So, after working the docks, I did meet up with Ano. We joined up with a fellow sailor, Haugin, and Ano’s friend Grig to form the Bell Row Troubleshooters. Within a few days we we’re hired for a couple of jobs. One didn’t turn out quite as well as we had hoped. Though I was left on shore while the others stormed the boat and I gave the boys aboard a taste of my steel(one I’m sure will remember it), the woman we were supposed to rescue was shot through the head. We delivered her to our employer as we had promised. Not quite the “troubleshooting” as I had hoped.

Week 2

Apu, a curious one he is. I’m not sure what to make of him. We often have differing opinions, but he’s useful when we need healing.

We got roped into a few gang fights, but the next job we were hired for was quite the mystery, seeping with murder and other seedy acts I’ll refrain from getting into. Then along came the blood-thirsting Fabrizio. He’s infuriating, but great at swordplay. I certainly don’t trust him, but we need more strength in this group.

Week 4

I can’t help but call them “my boys” now. Often I end up being the spokesperson, and I’m growing a soft spot for them. I enjoy drinks with Haugin at the Swiveling Pig and the moments I’ve had with Ano, though he’s made himself scarce recently. Grig is mysterious and curious little fella. Quiet. Despite our differences, Apu is growing on me. I still have yet to get to know Fabrizio, but we’re going to have a rematch! Now this new guy, Toad, has joined us. I have yet to see what he can do, but it seems he’ll be useful.


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