Magic is a rare and coveted talent in EndWorld. Less than .1% of the human population is born with the Magery advantage. Of these about half are latent mages with magery level 0. Most mages are limited to level 1 or 2 but magery up to level 4 is possible although very rare. It is believed that Magery level 5 or even higher can be achieved through ritualistic means. Characters with at least Magery level 0 at character creation can buy up to level 4 at anytime thereafter. After character creation it is not possible to buy the Magery advantage.

The 0 point Magery Advantage Detect Magic is tactile instead of visually based. It is not possible to detect magic at a distance using only the default Magery 0 advantage. An item must be physically handled, although not necessarily viewed.

There are two spellcasting classes:

Wizard (aka Magus)
  • Must learn spells from a written or verbal (instructor) source. Requires 1d6 days per spell and Thaumaltology roll. If failed may reattempt.
  • Access to new spells is usually gained through guild membership which is bought as a Patron 10-15pts depending on guild.
  • On a critical failure instead of rolling on the Critical Spell Failure Table the wizard temporarily looses access to the spell until they have an opportunity to restudy the spell. Reclaiming the spell requires 1 day and a Thaumaltology roll. May reattempt.
  • Grimoire: most wizards keep a grimoire locked up safe for use in refamiliarizing themselves with botched spells.
  • Due to the time consuming nature of learning Thaumaltogy wizards spend years in apprenticeship beginning game at a minimum in their twenties.

Sorcerer (aka Warlock or Witch)
  • Must have elven blood (humans can buy as 1pt perk)
  • Use Ritual Magic rules as presented on page 200 of Magic with the following modifications
    • Colleges do not default to the core skill.
    • You must put at least 1 pt in a College skill to attempt to cast a spell from that College
    • Spells are learned as Average techniques instead of Hard techniques
    • The number of Colleges (called Paths) a sorcerer may know is limited by their level of Magery
  • Sorcerers don’t use a spell book and don’t forget spells
  • Sorcerers roll on the default Critical Spell Failure Table on Magic pg7
  • Sorcerers are generally not classically trained as Wizards are but instead may develop their powers under the tutelage of others or independently. As such, they can start the game at any age.


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