The Iron Kingdoms of EndWorld


A monarchy ruled by the boisterous and hedonistic King Baird II. Orith is the most technologically advanced nation of the Iron Kingdoms and as such both weilds great power and presents a tempting target. At the moment Orith is at peace with its neighbors while war surrounds it. The court in the capitol city of Amwain is a hotbed of political intrigue and lobbying although it is rumored the King spends more time in Five Fingers than anywhere else. Orith is ruled by the minority Ords while the majority of its people are Thurians. The Church of Morrow is the predominate religion.

Five Fingers, Orith – situated where the Dragon’s Tongue river meets the Aggenbor Sea, Five Fingers is a major port. There can be found the roughest sailors of both the rivers and the seas. Sometimes even the dread pirates of Kalapur will hide their colors and come to port for supplies – or unwilling recruits.


Ruled in name by King Beneto the Just, power in Syrama is largely held by powerful noble houses. Once a beacon of justice and the shining jewel of EndWorld Syrama has taken a long fall into embarrassment and near irrelevance. At one time the Crown of Syrama ruled the lands of Yam, Orith, and Magasoa. The nation is currently at war with the Theocratic Kingdom of Yam and tentatively resisting the invading nation of Urgolia. Syrama is most heavily populated by Ords. Woodelves, a rarity elsewhere, are a common sight in Syrama. Morrow worship predominates although many minor regional gods are popular.

Legendary among the nations of EndWorld are Syrama’s elite knights, the Gunslingers. As much diplomats and ambassadors as soldiers they hold themselves to a high standard of honor and justice and are respected across borders.

Kingdom of Yam

Ruled by the pious King Theos and the Church of Helios headed by His Eminence, Hierarch Voyle. Over the past decade the Church of Helios has gained influence and now has control over almost every aspect of life in Yam expecting its citizens to follow the strict rules of faith. In return the Church supports the Crown and the armies of Yam with fire-mages and clergy. Worship of Helios is mandatory within Yam.

Yam is currently at war with Syrama in an attempt to control the Jayd Hills, a rich source of Red (one of two major ingredients in gunpowder).


A large, rugged land ruled by the Queen Ellyn Vanar XI. Urgolians are traditionalist, tough, and grim. They have strong military traditions and every able bodied citizen is considered to be in the military reserves. They are a historically aggressive nation and have warred with their northern neighbors for centuries. Cut off by an imposing moutain chain Urgolia was nothing but a remote trade partner to the Iron Kingdoms until the recent invasion of Bayfork. The faith of Morrow is widespread but the Gods of the Wood are still popular, particularly with the Get. Urgolia is populated primarily by Get, some Ords, a mix of other minor tribes and a sprinkling of trollkin.

The invading Urgolian army, primarily made up of infantry, lacks the technological power of Orith but has brought a new innovation to the battlefield. Powerful steampowered golems called steamjacks, larger than ogrun and armed with cannon and giant weapons. The machines have proved invulnerable to blade or bullet but are rare and can be unreliable. Urgolian arcane warfare is managed by the feared Greylord Covenent, the state wizards’ guild more commonly known as the Greycloaks. They are few in number but brutally effective. The Urgolians are well dug into Bayfork and have begun to test their presence in eastern Syrama.


A small nation dominated by rolling hills and huge vineyards. The idlyic landscape has historically attracted the retiring wealthy of many nations.

Two years ago an army from Urgolia opened the lost Grey Road, a mystical pass through the northern mountains, and invaded the unsuspecting nation. The Bayfork Blues fought valiantly allowing many to flee. Early in the war the Urgolian Greycloaks captured the headquarters of the Order of the Golden Cruicible in Summinton in a surprise assault dealing the nation, and the Iron Kingdoms, a brutal blow. Those Golden Crucible wizards that didn’t die in the conflict now serve their new masters enchanting weapons of war.


An isolationist nation ruled by mages, Magasoa’s magocracy is feared and reviled by most nations but since it’s founding a century ago has never been attacked. Those without Magery in Magasoa are forced into the lowest social classes and are most often little more than slaves. Refugees from Magasoa frequently end up in Syrama and nearby nations aggravating the ruling mages. Magasoa is home to the highest concentration of arcane knowledge and power in EndWorld.


Too far south to be considered part of the Iron Kingdoms, the island citystate of Kalapur still exerts a poisonous influence. It is a haven for pirates and worse. On the surface violence and anarchy rule but a dark power holds the city together and commands obedience from all when it wishes. Kalapur is a mixing pot of the hunted and hated of elsewhere and the most depraved feel drawn to the city. The citystate has no real resources and leeches its existence from a brisk slave trade and pirate spoils. The few products exported from Kalapur, mostly poisons, drugs and slaves are illegal in most civilized cities of EndWorld but nonetheless are often in high demand.

All ethnicities can be found in Kalapur but Runi are most common. Beastly ogrun and savage goblins mix with the humans as well as ‘grafts’ – foul trollkin imbedded with sharp bits of steel. Scarification, piercings and mutations are common in Kalapur often having social and political significance on the island but marking them as pirates in foreign ports.

The Iron Kingdoms of EndWorld

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